Boring Sunday on the ward

This morning I got up and ate breakfast and then I went back to bed again. And I did manage to sleep. I slept all morning until the phone woke me up. It was my mom calling. We talked for a few minutes and then I went to have some tea, there is tea and coffee for patients at 10:30. I think I mentioned there is a patient a girl who is very argumentative and unco-operative. She’s just very unwell but she is being really angry and shouting at nursing staff and just being a pain. she sat beside me while I was drinking my tea. The staff are trying to keep her in her room but she wont stay there. Its triggering to have her throwing things and shouting and stuff. I feel like going back to bed again. The new meds are really doing a number on me. I asked one of the nurses if prozac makes you tired and he said no it shouldnt do that. So then I am not sure what it is that is making me so sleepy. After I took the xanax during the night I did manage to sleep. Not sure what I’ll do for the rest of today. I am trying to catch up on blogs but my attention span is not there. I can only read two or three posts at once before I need to turn off the laptop. I am eating a little so that is good. For breakfast I ate some toast and an egg. I made a sandwich out of it. when I had my tea at 10:30 I ate a banana with it. I’ll probably try some of the dinner, it will probably be chicken we will have. I’m doing a lot better with food this go round. Before I would hardly eat anything.