Midweek weight loss update

I weighed myself this morning.

And, I am down 3 pounds! I’m thrilled!

I went for a 40 minute walk with Nitro and my PA this morning. It was so refreshing, invigorating and I loved being out in the fresh air, and so did Nitro!

We stopped at a local shopping centre and I got a drink, then we rang a taxi to take us home as I got too tired and felt like I couldnt walk any further.

Still 40 minutes is a good long walk! I’m happy with that.

I came home and drank a bottle of water. And ate some fruit for breakfast.

I’m planning on going out again this thursday or friday, depending on when I can go. I have an errand to run on thursday if my external hard drive I bought comes into the store, I will need to go pick it up. I can walk there and bring Nitro with me. Actually thats what I think I’ll do.

So I can get to go out on both thursday and Friday.

Its been a great and very productive morning. When we got back from our walk my PA cleaned the house, she mopped the floors, did dishes, changed my bed, and vacumed the floors. Then she went to the local shop to get me some milk.

So yep, a productive morning, I’d say.

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