I’m doing a lot better today, even better than I was doing yesterday. Its nice. My night last night, despite my having a hard time with flashbacks, was good. I managed to sleep well which I was so glad about. I didnt go to sleep until around 1 AM but once I went to sleep I slept the whole night through.I read a couple chapters of a new book before bed, I’m reading the new casey watson book, a dark secret. I went back home to my own house today. Mom came with me so she could cut the grass. She’s doing that now as I write this. I’ll be here until Friday, when I’ll go back to mom and dads for the weekend. I didnt go volunteering today. I decided to take the day off. I’m not going to go to college tomorrow either. I will go to see dr. barry however. I’ve been waiting 3 weeks now and I need to see her since Eileen is off this week, I need that support. So I’ll go. I’m also going to go to slimming world, I dont want to miss that either. I’m not sure how good I’ll do this week with my weight loss, but I’m still going to go either way. If I dont I might slip up and I dont want that. So thats my little update, I hope your all having a good day and doing well. Thanks for all of the supportive comments last night. I really appreciated them, your all amazing friends to me.
carol anne

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