My OT apt today

So my OT apt this morning was pretty uneventful.
We basically had a bit of a catch up. We didnt set goals like I thought we would be doing. We just ended up talking about symptoms, and symptom management.
I was telling Mark how that I had decided to make my mental health a priority this week, and that I hadnt been into the basement club lately, but that I was going to start going back in again starting from today.
He said how I was really good at knowing what I needed, and he congratulated me on that, saying that 4 or 5 years ago I wouldnt have had the insight to know what I needed and how I would have relied on external people to tell me, where as now I dont do that.
He said it shows how far I’ve come since starting to work with him.
I guess he’s right. I never really looked at that aspect of things though.
We planned to meet again in august, in late august, he said he’d phone me and we can arrange something then. There will be a move in september to a new building for all of the mental health services, so in August we are going to work on route familiarisation if thats possible so that I can familiarise myself with the new set up.
We’ll also work on goal setting for the next few months. Fun times ahead, I guess.


New social woker

so next week I’ll be starting with a new social worker. for those of you who remember her, I used to have Karen r, she was the social worker on dr. barrys team but she left last august to go to a new job. she got promoted. she was a fantastic social worker, the best I’ve ever had.
this new girl, her name is mary. and i havent met her yet. dr. barry is going to introduce us next week. she already made a referral to mary for me but she told mary not to call me, to wait until I was seeing her so she could introduce us.
i’m so nervous about meeting her. not sure what to expect. wondering, if she’ll be nice? good at her job? friendly? approachable?
I hope she’ll be understanding about the did. i think though she probably will, since dr. barry will be introducing us and will fill her in on our diagnosis.
still I’m very nervous about it all. I hate meeting new people. I get so anxious. I hope it will go well. Fingers crossed.

OT update

Mark our OT called me today.
I had emailed him last week asking if we could schedule an apt for the week of easter, for a long overdue catch up.
when I didnt hear back from him I thought he might not be working that week, but then he phoned me today.
he knows I see dr. barry every two weeks now, when I see her I will usually see him on the same day because it just works out easiest to do it that way.
So he told me today to give him a ring the week leading up to easter, and we can arrange to have an appointment over the break.
I was thinking today about how lucky I am with the team I have.
Not only do I have dr. barry and eileen, I also have Mark, a social worker if I need her, granted I havent met the new social worker on the team yet, but I know she’s there should I need to talk to her.
Mark has given me his email address and mobile phone number, he has said I can always call him if ever I need anything.
I know I can always email Eileen, or text her in between sessions.
So I am well held and contained. For that I feel so appreciative. I know not everyone has such a good team and such good supports around them.
I havent seen Mark since before christmas, so it will be good to touch base with him again. I know the last time we met we were going to talk about sensory stuff to help with grounding, like weighted blankets, and other sensory items I could use.