Mental wellness challenge, day two!

Day Two.

Create an emergency playlist for times when you need love and comfort.

So, I love music. Music is so healing. It speaks to me. So many songs move me, speak to how I feel. I play music almost every day.

I have spotify, and alexa, and I use both on a regular basis, I also have apple music, which I use on my I phone.

I like to make playlists. I make themed playlists, its so much fun picking out songs to put on them.

My 5 main go to playlists are:

Broadway tunes and show tunes

Songs to play to make me happy

Sad songs

Disney playlist

Love songs

I have others too, but those are my main five.

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Today I have been at the basement club all day. I attended some recovery groups there.

In the morning I went to a creative writing class. It was really good. It lasted an hour and a half. We used story cubes and we made up a story from the prompts on the cubes. We also did a get to know each other exercise. And at the end of class the tutor gave us some photographs, and we were to use one of them to form a character for a story. She also had a handbag containing a bunch of items, which represented a character, and when she had us go through the items and then we were to jot down some things that we thought were true about this character.

In the afternoon I went to discovering recovery. That’s a new group that is running at the basement club. It was really interesting. We talked about what mental health recovery means to us. We talked about what hinders us in our recovery, and about what works for us. We also made out ground rules. The group is going to last for 8 weeks. It was so interesting. That group this afternoon also lasted for an hour and a half.

I am totally enjoying being part of the community again at the basement club. I do have to say I really love how the new staff have a few new recovery groups put in place for us. The groups are really helpful. I am finding I am getting a lot of support now from the new staff too which is nice. I am glad I stuck with them and gave them a chance. They really did turn out to be nice people and good to work with too.

They are now emailing me info about events, as well as texting on info to me. The new coordinator is really disability aware which is nice. She goes out of her way to ensure that myself and my friend norma have what we need to access the service.

Its great. I’m so appreciative that she does that for us. It is helpful as we’re unable to read the printed material which is up on the notice board for everyone.

Its been a good day. I’m tired now but its a nice tired. A contented tired.

A Hello From Bee

Hello Everybody, my name is Bee Halton and some of you might know me from “The Bee Writes…” and “Bee SelfCaring”. Carol Anne introduced me yesterday but I thought I say a couple of words too. Carol Anne was so kind to answer the Proust Questionnaire on my blog so I thought I do the same for “Therapy Bits” and I do that first.

What is “The Proust” Questionnaire?

(Some links in this entry are in German)

In the 19th century, there has been a kind of party game which meant that guests had to answer a list of questions in the host’s guestbook. Marcel Proust answered it twice in his life and after a while, it got accredited to him.

A similar questionnaire is regularly seen on the back of Vanity Fair answered by celebrities. They even launched an interactive version in 2009.  The magazine of the German newspaper FAZ asks celebrities for years to answer it too.

So here are my answers:


Where do you want to live?

Exactly where I live. I was born in the South of Germany but always wanted to live in the Uk and close to the sea. Both are the case where my husband, his children and our rescue greyhound Sherky and I live. I believe North Norfolk is the best place to live in the whole wide world. Well, maybe Glastonbury would do too. And Ireland, of course. And Sweden….. Oh dear… 😉

What is perfect bliss for you?


I am not quite sure there is only one answer to that for me. But one answer certainly is to travel with the husband, his children and our dog wherever the road leads us…

Which fault do you excuse the easiest?

There are no faults. Just lessons we have to learn. (Well, at least that is what I try to teach myself 😉 )


What is the biggest disaster for you?


Losing loved ones

Your favourite characters in a novel?


There are sooooo many: Pipi Longstocking, Sam Gamgee in “The Lord of the Rings”, Herman in “The Magicians Curse” (she’s a girl by the way 🙂 ), Georgia in “Georgia Pine”…

Your favourite figure in history?


Rosa Parks

Your favourite hero/heroine in real life?


My gran, my mum, my step-mom, my mother-in-law and all ladies who make a difference in our lives

Your favourite painter?



Your favourite author?


Too many to mention :-): J. R. R. Tolkien, Linda G. Hill, Cheryl Fassett, Regina Puckett…

Your favourite composer?


Mozart and Vivaldi

Which quality do you appreciate the most in a woman?


Kindness and honesty

Which quality do you appreciate the most in a man?


Kindness and honesty

Your favourite virtue?


Your favourite activity?


One that is too rude to talk about but otherwise reading and writing

Who or what would you like to be?


A blogger who can earn an income with her writing

Your main characteristic?


Red-haired ~ ginger!!!!!!!

What do you appreciate the most in your friends?


Kindness and honesty

Your biggest fault?


Acting without thinking

Your dream of happiness?


A world in which colour of skin, land of origin and religion doesn’t matter and all can live a life that makes them happy

Your favourite colour?


Red and Green

Your favourite flower?


Rose, Marigold and Sunflower

Your favourite bird?


Crow and Owl

Your favourite poet?


Erich Fried

What do you hate the most?


Bigots and Hypocrites

Which historical figure do you hate the most?


Any leader who doesn’t give a damn about his/her followers

Which is your favourite reform?


Any that made life easier for all of us

Which natural talent would you like to have?



How do you want to die?


Oops another rude one but otherwise while sleeping

Your current state of mind?


Happy and terrified at the same time

Your motto?


Think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases think for yourself.
– Doris Lessing


So, who am I otherwise? If only I knew LOL well, I am a blogger and self-care explorer who tries to make a living with a new blog. I have left my day job in March and were looking for a new job ever since. It didn’t work out so I decided to make my passion “blogging” and “self-care exploring” my new career. I am currently building up a page that leads to my mug shop, to my stock photos as well as a new blog that concentrates on easy and affordable self-care. Let’s see where that leads.

And I am also a wife, step-mum, rescue greyhound mum, poetess and a European immigrant to the UK. I might be more than one but I will be exploring this idea more in debt in further posts for Carol Anne and all the others.  I might be a writer, am definitely a spiritual person and I love to make the people around me happy. And I am looking forward to getting to know you all!!!

Friday evening ramble

so got home from the partnership at around 5, my supervisor whose name is brenda dropped me back to mom and dads, she said if i am in my mom and dads on friday afternoons that each week she’ll be able to pick me up and drop me off there again after my shift. that suits me fine. i can do that make sure i am here at their house each week. its generous of her to give me a ride and drop me off after my shift. saves me on taxi fares. i had a lovely stirfry for dinner. with lots of veg, chicken and noodles, it was delicious. i ate a huge plate of it. i made plans with norma to go to visit her tomorrow. she wants me to try to set up her amazon echo for her. she’s having trouble with it so i said i’d try. i’ll also put another audiobook on her phone for her. she is currently reading all of maggie hartleys books, and she has one left to read now. i must finish my own book too this weekend. i’m reading broken by rosie lewis, its really good. i really like what i’ve read of it so far. mom just made me a cup of coffee, she’s so sweet to make it for me. some of the family are supposed to be going to the beach tomorrow but now its pouring rain outside so mom said she’d wait to see if the weather would clear up and if it doesnt they wont go. i doubt it will, as i heard on the news this morning that we’re meant to get loads of rain this weekend and through the night tonight. last night we also got a lot of rain during the night. other than going to normas house i dont have too many plans for my weekend. i just plan on having a chilled out one. i got a text today from the basement club, the new staff are starting there next week. the centres closed on monday, tuesday and wendesday, and then the new team of staff are starting on thursday, so i said i’d go in then to meet them. there is a coffee morning on friday morning, a sort of get to know the new staff coffee morning, so i think i’ll go to that also. just to familiarise myself with them. might as well do it when they are new rather than leaving it for weeks. the longer i leave it the harder it will be to go in, so i might as well bite the bullet and go in. well off now to drink my coffee, catch yall later.
carol anne



i am feeling very hyper. i cant settle down.
i tried to lie down and read my book. nope. i couldnt. had to get up again. felt to squirrely.
then my friend texted me. so ended up getting in a convo with her for a bit.
my mind is racy. a hundred little thoughts are swirling around in there right now.
i’m trying to calm down. i should try to sleep but i doubt i can. no point in going to bed to just lie there wide awake thinking. that does nobody any favours.
and when i think its a dangerous thing sometimes. my thoughts quickly go out of control.
so i’ll just turn on the radio and stay up and go online for a bit. and hope that tires me out soon.
carol anne


Guest blogger Rose Elekanachi

Today we have a guest blogger, her name is Rose, she has written a wonderful post about mental health. Find her post and blog link below.

Name: Rose

Profile: I am Physical Therapist, Exercise Scientist, an intended Personal Trainer. I am a fitness junkie and the content creator for DatOneLady a Blog that addresses issues that Inspires, on Love, and everything Life. I love volunteering,reading, listening to music, planning events as well as watching movies.

You can reach me at any of these platforms;


Instagram: Datonelady

Facebook: Datonelady

Twitter: DatOneLady


Is this a thing?

Should I be worried about it?

What is it about?

How would you recognize it?

Mental Health.

“According to Mental health includes our emotional,psychological and social well-being. it affects how we think, feel and act”

What exactly are you referring to?

You wake, your body awakes

You sleep, your body sleeps/slows down its functions

But our Brain,mind keeps working at full capacity.

Mental Health.

It is the most looked down on?

It is the most neglected entity/Topic,

Most people deny its importance,

Most people think is a sentence never to mentioned,

Mental Health.

If you find yourself or friend retreating,

Acting different from their usual self,

Refusing to talk to anyone,

Refusing to go about their regular activities

Or speaks differently from the person you know,

Please ensure to seek/render some form of help.

How you ask?

A daily smile would be the first medicine.

A listening ear could also be a very good way to start,

A constant check on them would go a long way,

Help them understand they are not alone,

Help them realize that, life is not a journey of one person,

Help them realize that, everyone has a down time,

Help them realize that as humans there are trying times and overcoming those times ends up bringing so much excitement/accomplishment.

Speaking to someone about whatever it is,

Is always the first step to improvement.

Lastly, make sure every family member of yours or that individual is aware,

And they shower all the love that is possible on you or the said individual.

To anyone struggling with any mental health issue i would leave you with this quote;

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of the world but those who fight and win battles that others do not know anything about.

– Jonathan Harnisch

The bloom flower festival

Next Thursday I am going to a flower show in Dublin with some of the members of the basement club. We’re going for the entire day.

We’re getting the 9:30 AM train to dublin. We’ll stay all day and then we’ll get the 6 PM train home again.

I’ve never gone to this show before. Its on every year. Its on over 5 days. The reason we’re going is because the organisation that runs the basement club, shine, is having a green ribbon garden stand there, to try to get people talking about mental health.

Hopefully we’ll get nice weather on the day. I’m going to bring a nice packed lunch with me, I think most of us are bringing packed lunches, and we will eat them in the park.

Im not taking Nitro. He doesnt really do well in big crowds, and I think he’d get stressed out. So my mom and dad are going to look after him for the day.

Excited to go though. It should be a lot of fun.