A little worried…

Im a little bit anxious. I havent heard anything back from school yet. About whether I got a place on the mental health in the community course or not. I handed in my application form two weeks ago. And the course is supposed to start on december 5th. So any day now we should know. I was feeling so anxious about it today, but my friend Denise also applied and she hasnt heard anything from them either. So that is positive I guess. Maybe they are still processing our applications and will be in touch with us next week? I emailed the lady who deals with the funding for the course, because she’s in charge of it well I think she is anyway. So hoping she gets back to me tomorrow morning, she’s out of the office now for the evening so it will be the morning before she will email me back.
I so hope I get on this course! I really want to do it!

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