Post share: Music therapy can help us all!

Music therapy benefits all of us in many ways!
Read on for more on how it helps us heal and benefits our general overall stress levels!

5 Amazing Facts about Music for Stress Relief: Guest blog by Curtis Dean

I feel real again

a fresh breeze blows
through the windows
blowing upon my skin
I feel the coolness of it
fresh air
Whipping my hair
Blows the cobwebs away
Allows me to just be
In the serenity of the night time
The fresh cool air
Makes me feel real again



in the darkness
i sit
shaking uncontrollably
fear grips me
i feel sick
what to do
what do i do?
suddenly it hits me
im stuck
stuck in a memory
of yesteryear
it threatens to engulf me
bringing me to my knees
tears begin to fall
i want out!
out of this pain!
i want an end to it!
the memory threatens to swallow me whole
where do I go?
from here?