What I am doing for my mom on mothers day this year

Mothers day here is on March 22nd. I’ve spent some time this morning thinking about what I will do for my mom on that day. I decided to book a spa day for me, my mom and my sister. So I rang a local hotel which has a spa and I talked to one of the staff about options. In the end I booked the day for all 3 of us. We’ll start off by having a treatment, we’re going to have a head to toe treatment, which includes massage, and oils, and other stuff, I wasnt sure of everything she was telling me as I’ve never had a spa treatment. But it all sounded great. The treatment lasts for 50 minutes. After the treatment we can go and use the hot tub and pool, which will be fantastic, I’ve never been in a hot tub before either. I am so looking forward to trying it out. After all that we go to the restaurant and have lunch, the girl said we can choose any main course from the lunch menu as part of our package. The whole thing was quite expensive, it cost 115 euro for each of us. So 345 euro in total for everything, I payed for us all, because I had the money and I wanted to treat my mom to something memorable and something really special with her girls. I hope she will enjoy it. I’m pretty sure she will though. I’m going to tell her later today when she gets home. I also rang a local florist, to ask about flowers for mothers day, and also to ask about delivery. I am planning on getting her some flowers, and am planning on having them delivered as a surprise to her house. I’m also planning on having chocolates and a balloon delivered with the flowers. I will do that nearer the time. She loves flowers, and I know she’ll really appreciate them. They arent cheap, but she’s so worth it. And since I have the money I will go all out. I normally wouldnt be able to do something so lavish but since I am able to this year I am going to run with it. I already told my sister about the spa day. We’re going for the spa day on April 5th. I am so excited. Will be sure to take lots of photos of the 3 of us together on the day. And when the flowers and balloon come I want to get pics of mom with them also. I think I’ll have them delivered on the friday, since mothers day is on the sunday. Making memories with my mom, thats what its all about. And while I can, I will do it.

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Fandango’s flash back friday, an old post about one of our therapy sessions!

I am participating in fandango’s flashback friday, where the objective here is to repost a post you wrote on this exact date over the past few years!
I am reposting a post from the 21st of February 2017!
This was one of our therapy sessions! It was incredible to just look back on this now!

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