49 things about me

Zodiac sign


3 fears

wasps, spiders, lightning

3 things I love

my family

My friends

My pets

My best friend

I have more than one.

Last song I listened to

happy by ed sheeran

7. 3 Turn ons

Good attitude

Sense of humour

Fun loving

3 Turn offs


Bad attitude

Know it all

What colour underwear Im wearing right now

I dont know lol

How many tattoos/piercings do I have

My ears are pierced, no tattoos.

The reason I started blogging

To raise awareness of did and ptsd and to have a place to come to vent and just be me.

How I feel right now


Something I really really want

To lose another 60 pounds.

My current relationship status

Taken, but unable to see my partner now for a long time.

Meaning behind my URL

I used to write only about therapy so that is why my blog was initially called therapy bits.

My favourite movie

Marley and me

My favourite song

Right now its slame by sia.

My favourite band

I like a lot of different people

19. 3 Things that upset me

having flashbacks

fighting with my friends

when people are mean unnecessarily

3 Things that make me happy




What I find attractive in other people

Fun loving


Someone I miss

My gramma

Someone I love

My sister

My relationship with my parents

Mostly good nowadays

My favourite holiday


My closest blogging friend

bee, emilia, trina, cyranny, so many…

Someone famous Id date

Dont know

A confession

I once stole a bra from walmart but it was accidental

3 Things that annoy me easily

Being asked the samething more than once

Being late

Someone trying to control me

My favourite animal





Panda bear

My pets

my guide dog nitro

One thing Ive lied about

Having my shit together and being happy.

Something thats currently worrying me

My partner being in residential

An embarrassing moment

Saying sorry to a coat hanging on a rail thinking it was a person.

Where I work

I dont work

Something thats constantly on my mind

My past

3 Habits I have

twirling my hair


overthinking everything

My future goals

lose the extra weight I am carrying

Work on my past in therapy

Something I fantasise about

Not being responsible for everything all the time

My favourite store

dont have one but I do like bookstores, music stores etc.

My favourite food

indian, chinese, italian and mexican

What I did yesterday

went to see dr. barry, went to slimming world

Something Im talented at

Worrying about everything

My idea of the perfect date

hmmm let me see maybe a romantic meal by candlelight

My celebrity crush


My favourite blog

I am my own island

its good to be crazy sometimes

cyrannys cove

my inner mish mash

so so many more to many to mention

Number of kids I want

I cant have kids, my ovaries were removed.

Do I smoke/drink

I do drink but not regularly. I dont smoke.

One word that describes me


My favourite quote

Its never too late to have a happy childhood.

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