Bank holiday Monday

Its a bank holidays here today. Its still the middle of the night. I didnt sleep for long. I slept from about 11 until about 2 AM. I woke up and couldnt go back to sleep so I got up. I was craving chocolate. There was some in the kitchen so I had some. I know baaaad! But I dont care! I just wanted something sweet. I’ve been reading blogs. I was going to finish my book but I havent started on that yet. I have 1 hour 28 mins oof it left to read. I think there are four chapters left. Its getting really interesting now, really good. The story is picking up. Today I dont have too many plans. My mom and sis get home today. I am looking forward to seeing them. I am just planning on taking things easy. Dad said he’ll cook burgers for us for dinner. I havent had a burger in a while so that will be nice. I do need to go home to my own house today but I will wait for mom to get home. She needs to help me pack up some clothes to take with me so I cant go anywhere until she gets home. Tomorrow I have the relief PA coming. I am super nervous about it. I dont really want to work with someone I dont know, but I am going to try it out. If I dont like her I’ll be phoning the office and telling them I am not comfortable with her. But I want to give her a chance. I do need to go out tomorrow with her. I need to go buy some fruit and water and a few other bits and pieces for the week. I have no therapy today. None until Thursday. I am so grateful that I have it this week. Eileen was awesome for fitting us in. We’ve been pretty switchy the last couple of days. Our moods been pretty all over the place too. I started my prozac yesterday. So far, so good. I know though I wont notice a difference until a few weeks have passed. I had no side effects from taking it though. I’m only on 20 mg for now. That will be increased to 40 in a couple weeks though. I’m glad the first dose of it went down ok. I’m also really glad I have therapy this week. I have so much to discuss with Eileen. What are your plans today? I hope you all have a fantastic monday!

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Afternoon thoughts

I made some tea. That seemed to help my anxiety. I feel less anxious now.
I talked to mom on the phone earlier. She’s having a fun time camping. Its cold and raining some. But they are all still having fun. They had a cooked breakfast, and they are going to BBQ tonight. Well if the rain holds off that is.
The kids are enjoying themselves too. They’re on a farm, so there is a lot for the kiddos to do.
As for me and my dad, we’re getting along. He hasn’t driven me batty yet lol. He’s actually been extremely nice to me. He said he’ll make me a fruit salad as soon as his show is over. He even waited for my meds to arrive, and when they did he answered the door and took them instead of me having to go to the door and make niceties with the delivery guy.
Now I have the Prozac and will start taking it tomorrow. And then the fun begins. We’ll see how good it is and if it actually does anything for my depression. I really hope it will!

Dr. Barry apt

Well I saw dr. barry. We had a great apt. I discussed everything thats been going on for me with her. My symptoms, the anxiety, depression and dissociation. I laid it all out on the table. Told her exactly how I’ve been doing, how I am feeling etc. She listened, and she was very sympathetic.

After talking through everything, she asked me if I’d like to go on something to help with the depression. I said yes I thought that would be a good idea. She said we can try sertraline, or prozac, and how did I feel about going on one of these? I said I would try anything as long as it doesnt make me gain weight. She said then in that case she’d prescribe prozac for me, as that was the least likely to make me gain weight.

She said we’d need to start on 20 mg, and we can increase it to 40 mg over the next couple of weeks. I did tell her I am having a lot of trouble remembering meds, and she knows thats an ongoing issue for me. I said I’d put reminders in my phone, and also that I would ask my mom to help me remember to take them. She said that would be a great idea. I told her that when I had the kidney infection recently my mom had helped me by reminding me to take my antibiotics.

We talked about me missing my last apt. I told her I just couldnt come in due to being so ill with a kidney infection. She told me she’d also been ill on the day of the apt. She had food poisoning and was out and so I would not have seen her if I’d gone in. I felt better knowing she wasnt there on that day, somehow that was a comfort to me. I dont want her to be ill, but knowing I didnt actually miss out on an appointment with her felt good.

We talked about college, I told her what happened with my project. We talked too about the new work initiative that the NCBI are starting, and I told her I was going to participate, she was very positive about it, saying it was a great initiative and would give me great experience, pretty much she said it was a terrific opportunity and I should grab it. She said if things deteriorate I can always pull out of it. I agreed. I’m glad she knows how things are now, so she can keep a close eye on things over the coming weeks.

I’m seeing her again in two weeks. I also got my shot today. I think that will also help. I always feel quite good a day or two after I get it. So I am hoping thats the case again for me this time around.

I feel good though after seeing dr. barry. I feel positive. I feel glad that I was able to tell her everything, and now we have a plan, and I hope the prozac will help my mood and the related depression symptoms.


Shutting down for the night!

I’m shutting down for tonight. I am going to go to bed and read. I need to take another antibiotic at midnight, so I’ll stay up for a while but I will go lay down. Good night everyone, talk to you all tomorrow!

Bad sleep night

Who knew naps were so bad! I napped earlier, and now I am wide awake! at almost 1 AM! I cant settle! I hope I will sleep at some point, but its now looking like it will be any time soon! I knew I should have just fought the tiredness! Napping never works for me. I took too long of a nap too though. I slept for about 3 hours in total! I am also wound up! I am a little bit anxious. Not sure why! I can just feel it. I think I drank too much coffee. But I love it so much, liz does too! She was also drinking it. I got out a bottle of water and am trying to drink that. And I am so proud of myself as I have remembered my meds for 3 nights in a row! Yay! I am ecstatic! I am making progress! Doing a happy dance! ❤ 😀 I really hope I will sleep soon!

A happy morning ramble

I had a restful nights sleep! So I am all refreshed and rejuvenated! I feel good!

I woke up at around 9:30. Mom came in my room and I woke. She made me a cup of tea and brought it in to me. How sweet of her!

I drank my tea and got up then and went online. I caught up on my email and read a few blogs. I also answered my comments and stuff.

Dad took the dogs out walking. While he was out I hopped in the shower. Because dad has a bowel issue we have to try to leave the bathroom free a lot. So its hard to actually be able to have a shower at mom and dads. I almost always wait until he’s gone out to have one because then I can relax in it.

Now I am feeling great though after showering. I ate a bowl of vegetable soup for breakfast. Isnt that funny? Soup for breakfast? It was delicious though.

I have no plans for the rest of the day. I will have dinner here today then I will go home this afternoon. My treadmill is arriving in the morning. I am excited about it. I hope mom and my sister will be able to set it up! I hope it will be easy to set up.

I will try to go on it for an hour a day once its set up! Then the weight will fall off me! I hope, anyway!

I think I’ll read my book for a while. I was going to read before I went to sleep last night but then I didn’t do it. I was too tired. I thought if I started reading, I’d never go to sleep. If I get into the book at all I am addicted and cant seem to put it down.

Well I’d better get going now and take my morning meds before I forget about them!

A Med update!

I am writing a mini update on our med situation. I did ok with taking our night meds last night and tonight. I forgot the morning ones today though. I meant to take them, I actually thought about doing it but then I got distracted and I forgot to actually go take them. I’m happy I remembered the night ones for two nights running though. I take most of my meds at night. In the morning I only take keppra for my epilepsy and metformin for well I dont know why I am even taking it as my diabetes has been reversed, but my GP wanted to keep me on it anyway. Wondering why he made that choice! He said something about PCOS and how metformin stops the symptoms of that, but well, thats irrelavant as I dont have my ovaries any more! I got them removed 5 years ago! So I really dont know why I am taking it! Anyway. I take prazosin at night, and epilem and keppra, and sometimes fenergan if I cant sleep. If I can remember to take them at night, thats half the battle and I will be very happy. I did do one thing that one of my readers suggested and that was to ask my mom to call me when I am at home in my own house, and give me a gentel reminder to take them. She said she had no issue with doing that for me. So thats good. I’m happy she’ll do that for me. Other than that, I am also going to download the talking alarm clock app and try it out and I will also set my alexa for when I am at home, to remind me to take them. Thanks to all my readers for all of the really great tips. I appreciate all of you very much. I really should go to bed now but I probably wont go for a little while yet. I want to read my book for a while first. I started the new maggie hartley book daddys little soldier! I love it! I’m only on chapter 3 but its really good! A review of it will come once I am done with it!