spent last night on the couch

Mom is sick again. She has another chest infection.

She’s had to sleep on the couch the last two nights. She can’t lie down when she’s wheezy and hardly able to breathe.

So she asked me if I’d spend the night with her on the couch, just in case she needed anything.

Of course I didn’t mind doing it, and I did it.

I slept some, but not a lot. I forgot to bring a pillow from the bedroom and so I was sleeping without one.

I woke up at 4:15 and mom was awake, so I made her a cup of tea.

I made one for myself also then.

Mom rang south doc and spoke to the nurse. She wanted to get some steroids and an antibiotic.

The nurse had a doctor phone her back, but the doctor did not phone her back until 9 AM!

Anyway, she got what she needed!

Hopefully, once she starts the meds, she’ll improve.