Update on moms health

Mom had a good appointment with the consultant yesterday, she saw an understudy, not her consultant, but that was fine, the understudy talked things over with the consultant before recommending anything.
They changed two of her inhalers, they took her off the ceratide, and spireva.
I cant remember the names of the ones they put her on, but the doctor told her that they’d open up her airways more, and that there was extra steroids in them both.
They referred her to the pulminary clinic, where they will keep an eye on her, help her to do exercises to help her breathing, but most importantly they’ll keep an eye on her oxygen levels, and if she needs to be on oxygen they’ll be able to prescribe it for her.
She also needs to have a CT scan, as she had nodules on her lungs, she was meant to have it before she saw the consultant yesterday but it didnt happen, however, they are adamant that she needs to have one as soon as possible, so the consultant is getting back on to the hospital to send her out an appointment.
He said she should have it soon!
They also told her to take a cough bottle called exputex, for when she feels like she’s caught in her chest and congested, hopefully the exputex will break her phlegm.
Overall she was happy with how it went!