I almost forgot

I almost forgot my CPN Sarah was phoning me this afternoon.
She phoned around lunch time, I was just sitting down to my sunday lunch when the phone rang, luckily she phoned me using her own mobile phone, so her name flashed up on my screen.
We had a good chat. I was feeling ok, actually I was in a pretty good mood.
She asked about my sleep. I got a great nights sleep last night, probably because I had a little alcohol which helped me to go to sleep. Although, I didnt go right to sleep as soon as I went to bed, I read for a while first.
Anyway, she said she was glad that I was in a good space mentally.
She said she’d phone me again on thursday, she knows I have therapy tomorrow morning.
I felt upbeat and happy coming off of the call.
Its nice to be feeling so stable. I’ll take that any day over feeling like crap.