More med trouble

I’m in a bad mood. I rang my gp’s surgery this morning, they were supposed to email over my prescription to the pharmacy, they didnt do it. The girl I spoke to this morning said she’d tell the doctor to do it, well, I just rang the pharmacy, and, he never did it. Typical of them. They arent good to deal with the gp’s surgery I mean. I had to ask the pharmacy if they could loan me some meds tomorrow, as I’ll be out of mine come tomorrow morning, the pharmacist said he could loan me a few but that they’d have to get the prescription soon. I tried calling the surgery back, no answer, a message saying they are closed. So first thing in the morning I’ll be on to them to have my prescription emailed over. They have had the prescription since last wednesday, they should have emailed it over on thursday morning, I sware its so irritating, they are being so difficult. How long would it take to send a damn email? 2 seconds. I’m so fed up of their incompetence. At least the pharmacy said they could give me a day or two worth and then deliver the rest once the prescription comes in. I’m lucky they are understanding and will do that for me.