90 KG

So I just went to get my 3 montly shot of trevicta. They weighed me and they said I am 90 KG. When I got weighed at my last appointment 3 months ago I weighed 94 KG. That thrills me that I’ve lost 4 KG in 3 months. I am so delighted about that. Its great progress! The nurse told me that the next time I get my shot which will be in December, I’ll probably have to go down to the smaller sized needle. She said since I am losing weight they’ll have to adjust the needle size as well. She said they’d be weighing me again at my next appointment, and to make sure that they did do it if it was a different person giving me the shot. When I started losing weight back in Febuary I was 104 KG. Now I am 90. Wow! That’s just amazing. Its the lowest weight I’ve ever been well in a good couple of years. Probably its my lowest weight since around 2006. Here’s to losing another 4 KG over the next 3 months. For those who want to know what 90 KG equals in pounds, its 198 pounds. I’m smashing my weight loss goals, yay. 🙂 😀 ❤

Talked to my OT today

So I was meant to see my OT mark tomorrow morning. However we talked today on the phone. He had to cancel the apt tomorrow as he said he is going to be late coming in to work. He wanted us to have some time not just a couple of minutes. So we are canceling for tomorrow and we’ll have our apt next week instead. I’ll be going to the outpatients next week anyway, to see dr. barry. I also have to go up there tomorrow to get my shot. My trevicta shot. So I would have been going up there anyway, but its ok he canceled. I had texted him yesterday and asked him if he wouldn’t mind looking up info on panic alarms, you know, like a pendant I can wear when I am home alone, just in case I fell or had an accident or needed any help in an emergency. I don’t have one and I’d feel much safer at home if I did. I had talked with Eileen around this in session on Monday. Mark said he’d look into it for me and have info for me for next week. I’ll be anxiously waiting to see what he can find out for me. I don’t mind paying for the service if I have to. I have a friend and I think she has a pendant and pays a monthly fee, I’ll have to ask her about it. So now tomorrow all I need to do is go get my shot. I hope that goes smoothly. I hope I don’t have to wait around as I will have a taxi waiting for me.

Good conversation with dr. barry

Its Carol anne. So I know Taylor posted about her chat she had with dr. barry earlier. I also chatted with her. It was a great conversation. As it always is. We talked about a lot.

I told her I’d had it out with our friend who overdosed. I told her liz got angry and actually had it out with her, but then she was pissed off and so she went back inside and left me to pick up the pieces of that conversation. Which I did. And it turned out ok in the end. Dr. Barry was glad we were still friends. She said it was a good thing we talked it out. She asked me if I was willing to go on my friends contact list, in the future, if that is what was decided to do. I said I’d think about it. I am ok with it, but I do want some time to think it over before committing to it.

We talked about sleep. I told her Eileen said she is going to work on our sleep next week all going well. If nothing else pops up that we have to work on then we are going to do some work on getting our sleep schedule back on track. Dr. barry thought that was a good idea. She said we’d leave the meds alone for now then, and try first to work on sleep without pharmasutical input. I agreed. I’d rather not have to take meds for sleep if I can help it. I did tell her though that this month the pharmacy forgot to give me my prazosin. She told me to ring them and get it as that was helping with my sleep, it helped with the quality of sleep I was getting. I said I would do that.

We talked about her training, next week she has to go on training, she said every two years they have to do it, its mandetory. She also told me she is taking thursday and fridays off for the month of September. She said that its not for health reasons, she knows I worry about her and so she wanted to put me at ease, so she told me not to worry that she’s ok, and she just needs to do this for this month but come october she’ll be back to normal again and back full time.

I will see her again in two weeks. I do need to go up to clinic next week though, I have to get my injection, my trevicta injection and I will also see Mark my OT. It will be kinda weird to go up there and not see dr. barry. I thought we had a really great apt though and was pleased with the way it went.
carol anne

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Morning thoughts

so woke up about half an hour ago. only got about 4 or 5 hours of sleep. feel mostly ok though. not too tired this morning, which is good.

I am going to go eat breakfast soon. Then I want to take a nice hot shower.

I dont have too many plans today. I am going to go home to my own house after dinner today. I think my sister will drop me well I hope she can. I need to go to the store also to get my fruit for the week and also I need some water.

One of my shows I watch x factor, has started up on tv. It started last night. I love it. Its on again tonight. I am so happy I get to watch it again tonight.

Well thats all for now. Catch ya’ll later.
carol anne

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I have been so bad. I forgot to take my meds for a few days.

I just went out and took them. I hope I wont have any symptoms from the not taking them. I hope they’ll help.

My mood has dipped. I dont feel too good right now. I feel kinda shitty.

The pharmacy forgot to put my prazosin in my weekly script so I am without that now. It means very little sleep for me and probably nightmares too.

I hate nightmares, I get so afraid to go to sleep if I think I will get them.

My mind is on overload. I dont feel I can settle down yet. I have tried but wasnt abel to.

Oh well I think I’ll just go through email or read. That should make me slow down a little bit.

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Crisis with a friend

so I’ve had a bit of a hard evening tonight. My friend has been very depressed and very low lately. For the last few days week even she’s been very down. I’ve been trying to help her through it.
Tonight she texted me at around 7 to say she had overdosed on paracetamol, she said she’d taken 30 tablets. I was so frightened for her, but I stayed calm. At first after she told me I asked her if she was going to ring her daughter who is her next of kin, she said no. So then I asked her if she’d go to the hospital to be seen by psych and she said no to that too.
I told her then that I’d ring an ambulance for her because I was really worried about her. She agreed to let me do this for her. So I rang, that was an experience in itself ringing an ambulance. They asked me a bunch of questions about her and I had to tell them that actually I was ringing from my own house and she wasnt with me. The operator asked me if she had a weapon and if she was violent, if she was conscious and awake, breathing etc. He asked me her age and what she’d taken. Most of what he was asking me I was able to answer. He asked me her sir name but I drew a blank, I could not for the life of me think of it.
I gave him her phone number and he said he was going to call her as soon as he hung up from me, he also said an ambulance was on its way.
I was so relieved! Finally she’d get help! I was so glad she’d texted me. She kept texting until they came and when she got to A and E she let me know she was there and being seen. She was moved to the medical ward a little while ago because there was damage to her liver from the meds. Right now she’s in the medical ward. She’ll be there for a few days I think. Then she’ll probably be transferred to the psych ward.
All I can think is what if I hadnt seen her text right away, sometimes I dont get messages right away if I am doing something or on the phone etc. It was genuinely a hard night for me, ringing the ambulance, talking with her over text, and just generally being there for her, but I am so glad she trusted me enough to confide in me as to what she’d done.

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Dads finally listening!

so well…yes! my dad is finally giving in after months of stubbornness. He’s finally listening to mom and me and tomorrow he says he’s going to have mom ring the hospital and ass where his letter for his last apt to see his consultant got to. He never got it you see. And so he never had a follow up apt since last October. He rang in april and the secretary said his case was being reviewed, and he’d have a letter with a follow up apt within weeks. Well he never got it and he didn’t do anything about it. He refused to listen to me or to mom. He just kept thinking it would show up. The longer it went on the more stubborn he got. The more he wouldn’t listen and the worse his bowel problems are getting. He’s in a lot of pain. Then the company that prescribes one of his meds, a rectile foam for pain and inflammation stopped making the foam. He tried to ask the pharmacy to get it brought in from somewhere, obviously they couldn’t because the company stopped making it. They managed to get him one bottle of it but they said he’d have to ask his doctor to prescribe something else. So finally he’s going to do it. Finally. And finally he’s making plans to go back to the doctors. The doctor had said he’d put him on injections to bring down the imflamation. But first he has to stop drinking alcohol. He hasn’t done it. He’s still drinking and there is no sign of him stopping any time soon. Mom and me keep telling him they wont give him any injections while he’s drinking, because they are steroids and there are nasty side effects to them. And alcohol is not going to help. Mom says he doesn’t want to stop drinking. I think I agree with her that he doesn’t. But well we’ll see. Now he may just have to if his doc says he has to. First though he has to get an apt with the consultant. That could take a while given the state of our health system. I am worried that tomorrow when my mom rings, they’ll say they sent the letter and he should have got it and now that he didn’t and gave them no answer he’s off the waiting list. He’ll go mental if that happens. I can see it now. He’ll go ape shit. So hoping it wont happen. I guess only time will tell. At least now he’s willing to be seen again and work on whatever his issues are. That’s progress.