Looks like the increased dose of my meds are causing more unwanted side effects

Well, I thought I was done with side effects from increasing my prozac. Not so though. It started with lethargy, that seems to be gone now for the most part. That lasted for 2 days.

Now I am experiencing severe bouts of diarrhea, I know TMI! But OMG this is just awful. I went from 40 MG to 60 MG. I didnt think this would happen to me!

I am so hoping it is only going to last for today. And I hope once this side effect is done that thats going to be it. I dont want any more side effects.

Damn I hate being on meds!
They do crazy things to your body!

I’m definitely going to be talking to Dr. Barry about these side effects I’ve had. She did say I might have some side effects from the increase, so I did know to expect some. But well these definitely arent my favourite ones.