I had a blast shopping on amazon again!

This time, I was christmas present shopping for my niece and nephew! It was sooo much fun, I love a little bit of retail therapy! It warms my heart to be able to shop for them!
I am so glad I can!
I got my niece a gift set from the body shop, the scent is warm vanilla. I wanted to get her strawberry scent, but in that particular set they only had coconut, warm vanilla or rose. So I chose vanilla and I hope she’ll like it.
I also got her some makeup! It is shaped like flowers, the pallet is, and the three tears of the flower are different kinds of lip sticks, lip gloss and eyeshadows and blushers.
I know she’ll love it! I’m going to also get her a pajamas, and some sort of thing called v bucks, or something to that effect, she plays fortnight and other games and you need this to buy stuff on the games.
I got my nephew a lego set, some roblox figures, and a search and find book about roblox, roblox is a game in case people dont know, but there are also roblox books and toys.
I’ll probably get him a pajamas also.
I spent way too much money, but I didnt mind, the kids are so worth it, I only have the two of them, so why not spoil them a little at christmas.