Updating my macbook

I cant sleep. So I decided to update my macbook.  I updated the operating system. It took about an hour. Its all done now though. And I am still not tired.  Its after 2:30 Am now.  I doubt I am going to go to bed at all tonight. At least taylor and the rest of the kids are doing a little better.  They werent so good earlier on.  I have a busy day tomorrow.  My PA frances is coming at 9 AM.  She’ll be here until 11:30 and then later in the day I am going out with my mom and sister, we’re going to see the cocacola truck, and taking the kids to see santa. I am hoping to get a pic of the truck, and possibly even get a pic with ne next to the truck.  Well I am going to go now.  Happy Friday everyone!

And I go on despite how I feel

I want to cry. I feel so awful. Will crying help? Who knows. I just feel intense sadness. Thank god for Nitro. Thank god for his cuddles. I badly need them right now. I really dont know what I’d do without him. I’d be lost. Lost in a sea of overwhelm. He calms me. He keeps me sane. He needs me. I cant fold. I have to be there for him. I have to look after him. If I didnt have him I’d curl up in bed and never come out. I’d just hide. I really feel like hiding right now. I am in so much emotional pain tonight. I just feel so down. Depressed. Anxious. Its neverending. Its a horrible way to feel. I wish it would go away. I’m going to make a cup of tea. Watch a little tv for distraction. Then maybe read, if I can concentrate on my book. Must remember to take my night meds. Must forget them. I’m trying to do better about taking them. Its an uphill battle. Wonder if I’ll sleep tonight. I never did fix my mac. I tried everything. I dont know how to fix it. May ask on facebook as I have a lot of blind friends on there. Perhaps one of them has a mac and can help me out. We’ll hope.

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Well damn I’ve done it now

In my stupidity while playing on my mac, I muted the voice. And I dont know how to turn it back on again.

I’ll have to go in to the apple store with my mac now. See if they can fix it. And while I am in there I’ll have them set up my email address as well.

I tried and tried to do it but couldnt. I couldnt authorise my google account.

But now, my main problem is that I have no speech on my mac, its muted, so the mac is literally useless to me. I tried googling the command to unmute the voice, if anyone knows what it is you might let me know. It will be the command to unmute voice over on the mac.

If anyone can find that, I’d appreciate it.

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I gave up on my macbook!

I gave up on the mac for tonight. I got frustrated. I managed to update it without too much hassle. but then I decided to try to set up my email. it was a bust. I fiddled around with it for a good 20 minutes. no joy. I was trying to authorize my google account in safari. I couldn’t do it. so I said, fuck it, as you do, and quit. i’ll leave it for another day. I cant be arsed. lol.

i’m too wound up. wired to the moon. and I haven’t had too much caffeine either tonight! actually I haven’t had any since around 6 pm!

but at least I managed to update the mac to the latest version! go me or something? some shit like that?

Lol 😀
can we say I am pissy? cuz well hell I am!
carol anne

Slowly getting used to the mac!

I’m sloooowly getting used to the mac! I’m still learning, but I’m slowly making progress. I love the speed, it is lightning fast. I love that I can do things quickly on it. But it is pretty hard to get to grips with. I use voice over on it. The commands for that there are a ton of them so a lot to learn. I dont use a mouse at all, its all keybord commands. Some commands are 3 or four keystrokes. So a lot to take in and a lot to learn. I got my wifi on my phone to work, so thats good. I also set up my email on it. I also set up dictation with seari. So slowly am getting used to it now.
Spending a little time with it each day. I should be able to do more on it soon.

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