My besty sarah bought me stuff from lush!

So my besty sarah, from colorado, who I’m gonna go visit when everything calms down, has sent us a late birthday gift!
She sent us a package from lush!
I am so excited! I love lush! I never can afford it though as its so expensive.
She sent us 10 items!
3 shower gels, 1 shampoo bar, and 6 bubble bars!
I’ve never tried bubble bars, or shampoo bars!
I cant wait to see what they will be like!
She had a time of it trying to get the order to go through as it was the UK site and her bank hadnt opened up her card so she could shop on UK sites, but finally we got there!
Yay! And now I will get a package in the mail. I love getting mail! I love opening it and will definitely enjoy all of the items she has sent us!