Mom got accepted and is now on disability permanently

Well, on friday, mom got the letter, her appeal went through, she was accepted for disability, and she will now recieve a weekly payment and is on disability full time.I am so happy for her. This is a big hurdle that she’s overcome.
The letter said that she produced very good supporting evidence, from her doctor, as well as a supporting letter from herself, which we helped her draft.
she was so delighted that she finally was accepted. we all were actually.
at least now, if anything should happen to my dad, she wont have a run around to get money, as before now my dad was the one recieving a payment for both of them.
So all of my prayers, and the prayers from you all were answered.

Moms health is worsening, prayers are needed

so my mom went back to her doctor today so that her doctor could give her a letter of support for her appeal to go on disability.
The doctor checked her blood pressure and said it was very high. She did give her the letter, but she wants her to come back in two weeks. When she goes back to the doctor, she wants to do some more breathing tests, since mom could walk about 250 metres before she was caught for breath last year, and now thats significantly reduced this year. So she wants to do further testing to see where she’s at now.
For the high BP she said she may put a 24 hour blood pressure monitor on her, she hasnt made up her mind on that yet though.
She hasnt changed any of moms meds for now, but in two weeks time, if her breathing tests come back saying that her COPD has gotten worse, then she may look at changing her meds a little.
I am so worried for my mom. Its a big worry for me. I want her to be ok but I know she isnt. I know her COPD is getting worse. Mom said she’s glad the doctor is going to do further testing. She said she knows since Jan. things have gotten a lot worse.
If you could, please send good vibes, healing energy or prayers up for my mom. I’d really be very grateful if you could.

A death in our family

I found out about an hour ago that my gran aunt, who is my dads aunt, his moms sister, passed away.

She had COPD, and she was on oxygen 24 7, she recently got pneumonia, and she was hospitalised and she just never recovered from it.

She was 79 years old. She died last night in the hospital.

Please if you could send healing energy, thoughts and prayers to my family, I’d really appreciate it.

Its hard for her family with it being so close to christmas. Christmas is never a good time to lose someone. But then again, no time is ever a good time.

Prayers are needed for my mom

My mom is very ill. She has a bad chest infection. But she also has COPD on top of that. She’s on her way to the emergency out of hours doctor as I write this.
If you pray please pray for her. Or send good vibes, thoughts etc if you are able to. I’d really appreciate it.
I think she’ll need steroids and an antibiotic to clear it up. She’s very short of breath and she’s coughing up a lot too.
So if you can, I’d appreciate any good thoughts for her for a quick recovery.


mom had a follow up consult with her lung specialist today she got all of her results and its good news!

i am just home from being at the hospital with my mom. she saw her lung specialist. she has moderate emphacema and also COPD. her lungs are only functioning at 40 percent…she has lost 60 percent of her lung function. doctor told her not to smoke any more, she isnt, but is using an E cig, he said the E cigs are 95 percent safer than regular cigarettes. the doctor also told her to go walking for half an hour every day and that will help her, so both of us are going to do it together, me to lose weight and her to help her lungs. other than those results everything else is clear…there is no cancer. she was discharged from the specialist no further consultations needed unless another problem occurs and if that happens her gp can refer her back to him again.
To say I am happy is an understatement. Relief flooded through me when we got the results!

Moms scan and the results, its not good news

so today was the day mom had her scan. we got up at 6 AM. mom was fasting so she couldnt eat breakfast. I ate and then showered and got dressed. we left for the hospital at 7:45. when we got there mom checked in. then she had to drink x ray dye, she had to drink a couple of glasses of that. they mixed it with juice so it didnt taste too bad. eventually she was called in to have her scan. my aunt who is her sister had come with us as well so while mom was in having the scan we had a coffee. after the scan we had to go upstairs to the reapid access lung clinic for her results. the scan she had was a thorax scan. we got up stairs and a nurse took her in to an office to weigh her and do her height. then a second nurse took her to another office to talk to her about quitting cigarettes. she has already quit cigarettes but she smokes an E cig. after that we had to wait for the doctor. eventually he called her in and me and my aunt went in with her. basically he said that the middle of her right lung is totally collapsed. we already knew that. he said that there is something in the tube of the lung, a tumour, but he couldnt really see it clearly even though she got the dye in her body today. so he is bringing her back for more tests. over the next two weeks she will have to have a pet scan. a pet scan basically shows up any active parts of the body that shouldnt be active. so if there are cells there or if the organs are doing any weird things it will show up. so she will have that some time over the next week or two. then on February 2nd she has to go in for a biopsy. they will put a camera down into her lung and see what is going on in there. she will go in for the day as a day patient to have that done. she will get the results of that the same day. so basically on feb 2nd we will have a complete and full diagnosis. i am a wreck. i have held it together but just barely. my mind is doing 90, my thoughts are going miles a minute. i mean the tumour could benon cancerous but then again it could be cancerous. we just wont know until further tests are done. the fact that she has a tumour scares the living life out of me. i just did not want it to go this way. and we still dont have answers. after we finished in the rapid access lung clinic we went to have some food. i tried to gage how mom was doing but shes putting up a brave front. i feel like i am the only one whose worrying. no one else in the family is saying much of anything, not even my sister. i feel so alone with all of this. i could really use support right now guys. a huge weight feels like its crushing my chest. it feels like it is going to swallow me up. im trying very hard to be strong for mom. its not easy though. somethings gonna give soon and i think when it does Ill completely lose it and fall apart.

About moms scan

Just found out mom will have a scan on the 16th. The hospital just called her. It wasnt the private hospital though. She is not going to go privately now to have the scan, since the other hospital were so quick and called her with a date. They told her it would take an hour and a half, and then she’d have to go upstairs to the rapid response unit, where the doctor would give her the results of the scan. So she will have her diagnosis on the 16th. So 11 days from today. It seems a long way off but it really isnt. I’m trying to be rational and say well at least she is getting seen to quickly. As quickly as is possible in the public system. And there really is no point in her wasting 200 euro on a private scan if the public hospital will do one and are doing it this soon. I didnt ask her if she’d like us to go with her. I am not sure I want to because I am not sure I’ll be able to handle it if its bad news. If she wants me to go though I will. I could use some prayers and support for the next week guys. This is such a hard time for me.