Update about mom and her health

Moms GP rang her yesterday afternoon. She said the doctor who looked at her CT scan results was satisfied that there is no cancer there. He is going to repeat the CT scan of her lungs again in December. In the meantime, he’s referring mom to a respiratory specialist. So now she’s waiting on a letter to go to the respiratory clinic.

We’re all relieved that it seems to be nothing serious, the nodules on her lungs I mean. That was a huge worry for us all. Our mom hasnt said much about it, but she must have been worried also. She’s being really strong though and not letting on that its bothering her.

Her breathing is very bad though. Even if she bends over from standing up, she’s out of breath just from doing that. Also she’s unable to walk if its windy, the wind makes her out of breath, she’s really not able to walk that far at all. And she isnt able to go up hills either.

I hope the respiratory specialist will change some of her meds, and maybe that will help her a little bit.

Please continue to send up prayers for her. I really appreciate all the prayers.