On weight loss

spent the first session in class this morning doing class work for my health and fitness module.
i had to write out a food diary for a weeks worth of what I’d eaten. and boy did I eat some amount of sugar yesterday!
So changes are a coming in my diet!
From today on I’ll be cutting coffee completely out of my diet!
I was drinking 3 cups a day with two spoons of sugar in each at 5 G of sugar per spoon.
not, good!
thats the first change I’m making to my diet.
next, i’m cutting out dessert after my dinner each evening. if i do have a dessert i’ll have a fruit salad and some natural yogurt. but am cutting out all the sugary desserts.
also breakfast is going to change. i’ve been eating a bowl of muesli, or a banana and some toast.
i found out wheetabix is a sugar free option, so is porridge, so i will eat one of those and some wholemeal toast.
and maybe some eggs once a week too.
My lunch will consist of soup, and a sandwich either turkey, ham, or chicken.
we watched this youtube video this morning an interview done with an irish journalist who lost 150 pounds in 18 months, just by eliminating sugar from her diet!
now while i dont need to lose 150 pounds, i do need to lose about 80 and all of the above things i will do will be a good start to getting me there.
i will also exercise more than i have been doing.
i’ll try to aim for 2 laps of the park next to where I live each monday wednesday and thursday at lunch time, and I will also try to do the work out video i bought each evening.
even if I can only manage the work out video for 10 minutes out of the 30 minutes at the start, its better than no minutes.
I learned all this from just doing my food diary, well I learned a lot, didnt I?

carol anne

Goals achieved and health update

so…my goals, the ones i’ve already achieved today are as follows:

take meds, done

exercise for 15 minutes, done

eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, done

get the ingredients to make tacos tomorrow, done

I’m happy with what I’ve achieved today. I think that I made good progress.

As for a health update, I’m happy with the amount of exercise i did this afternoon. i walked at a brisk pace for two laps of the park near where my ILS course is. It felt good to be out in the fresh air.

I felt a little puffed after the second lap, but a drink of water soon made me feel as right as rain again.

I plan on having a healthy dinner tonight not sure what we’re having, and for dessert i plan on having fruit salad and natural yogurt, instead of something sweet.


I’m so unfit. I really am out of shape in every way.
But still, I tried this morning. I got on the treadmill and spent 15 minutes on it. I think thats good for my first day of exercising.
I’m proud of myself. I plan on doing another 15 minutes on it this afternoon.
I’m determined to try to exercise at least 5 days a week. More if I can.
Any tips for me for increasing motivation? This morning I set a timer on my phone. It helped because as the minutes ticked down on it I kept telling myself just a little more, just a little more and I’ll be done.
carol anne


ok so my healthy eatings been lacking lately. time to start again! no more treats! well very little treats. the kids arent thrilled but we need to do this, we need to shift about 80 pounds in total.
so I have started off on the right track this morning. I had a very healthy breakfast. I had cerial, called wheetabix, they have 0 fat in them. and they are full of fibre which is good for constipation and stuff which unfortunately I have the bad luck to suffer from.
I also had toast. I know I probably should only have had one thing, to cut down on portion size. And from next week on I’ll probably have wheetabix and a banana instead of toast, so that I can have the bread at lunch time instead.
Also from next week on I will stop having dessert after dinner. I dont eat a lot of sweets during the week since I started the independent living skills course. I usually only eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I was having dessert every night after dinner. I am going to not do that from next week, and if I do have dessert I’ll have fresh fruit salad and yogurt.
Other than that, I will start off my exercise regime properly next week. One of the staff is going to take me every day to do laps around the park which is next to the building.
In no time at all I’ll be fit yay!
So heres to a healthy new me!
carol anne

Shedding the pounds, day 1

today I started my weight loss journey.

I weighed myself this morning. I am 228 pounds, or 102 kgs.

I’d like to lose about 70 to 80 pounds this year, if i could.

Thats not gonna be easy. I’ve battled with weight for so long. It seems like a lot. But I am determined. I can do this.

I went on the treadmill this morning. I got up early just so that I could do my exercise while I felt energised. I went on and I walked for 20 minutes.

I felt sooo good after it.

I’ve eaten really healthily today. I ate fruit for breakfast. A sandwich and a yogurt for lunch. A baked potato and some fish for dinner. And I’ve just had a snack of some more fruit.

I’m going to try to only weigh myself once a week. Otherwise I’ll drive myself crazy.

Heres to the end of day one. Its been a great start and long may it continue.

Happy new year

Well it just went past midnight here. Happy new year everyone. I hope 2018 is really good to you and that you’ll have a great year whatever you have planned.

I celebrated tonight with my parents. We did not get up to much, just had a couple of glasses of wine and watched a concert on tv, and ate some food. It was nice.

This new year marks the start of my weight loss journey. New year, new me. This is my year. I know I can do it, I can shed the pounds this year.

Happy new year guys. From my house to yours…

Resolutions for 2018

One get healthy. Lose weight.

To work hard in therapy on healing.

Do more self-care things, learn to take better care of my physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Continue building friendships.

Work on feeling my emotions, really feeling them.

Complete my addictions college course.

Complete the independent living skills course.

Be more mindful