weight loss-Food diary 30th july

2 wheetabix
2 slices of white toast
a mug of tea

some fruit and yoghurt

roast beef, potato, baked beans, cauliflower
aslice of mint cheese cake
mug of coffee

other drinks throughout the day
2 diet cokes

walked for about 30 minutes around the mall

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Weight loss-food diary and exercise for July 27th

food diary

breakfast: 2 slices of brown toast, a mug of tea
lunch: crackers and cheese, an apple
dinner: pizza
Snacks, a fruit salad

Walked on the treadmill
time: 16 minutes
distance 1 mile
speed 4

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Weight loss, food diary and exercise stats for July 26th

I’ve decided to keep a food diary again. This will tie in nicely with my exercise stats that I’ve been keeping track of and give me more incentive to stick with the plan and lose more weight.

breakfast: 2 weetabix, fresh fruit salad, mug of tea
Lunch: 2 slices of brown bread, 4 sausages, mug of tea
dinner: Chicken goujouns, oven chips
Snacks: two pieces of fruit, an apple, and an orange

exercise stats
walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes
did 1 mile at a speed of 4

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health update for me this week

so i’m still trying hard to lose weight. i was very good this past week at respite. i ate all healthily for all of my meals. i did have dessert twice, but i figured i deserved that much at least. you cant be good all of the time, you have to treat yourself sometimes too and the two desserts i had were too good to pass up. the food at respite is mostly relatively healthy, they try to give balanced meals. you get breakfast lunch and dinner. the portions arent too big either which is good. i did also have a chocolate chip cookie while out with kristen yesterday. hopefully the scales will still show that i’ve lost some weight. i’m going to weigh myself on sunday but that will only be an estimate as i cant truly trust my own scales. i will have to wait for another 2 weeks to get weighed by karen. at least that gives me more time to lose more weight. i didnt exercise this week at all. today was the first day i actually went for a walk. i only went to the local store with my mom but its still about a 15 minute walk there and back. if the weather is good tomorrow i plan on going for another walk. then once i get home on sunday i plan on getting on the treadmill every day for the entire week. its exercise exercise exercise from here on out. mom said you can see my tummy going down but i know if i dont exercise i’ll be left with sagging skin and i dont want that. so i need to tone up and get rid of the flab. at least my bowels are moving properly now again, i think its because i ate so much fruit today. that gave them a kick start i think.

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Health update for wednesday

I’ve had a really good day today. I ate healthy, I exercised, I drank lots of water…I did everything right!
I had fruit for breakfast. Crackers and cheese and a yoghurt for lunch. Then My sister made chicken curry and asked me if I wanted some, so I had that for dinner.
I definitely got my 2 litres of water in today.
As for exercise, I went on the treadmill, did 10 minutes, a distance of 0.8 km at a jogging pace.
I am happy with my progress.

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A bad day turned good

so yeah even though I woke up feeling bad, my day has turned around. I got good news! My sister called mom and she asked mom and me if we wanted to go on holidays next year. Go foreign I mean. Overseas. We both jumped at the chance. So next May we are going to lanserotte. I’m not sure I’m spelling that right. But I am so excited! Mom and me are going to share a hotel room. Its an all inclusive package, that means food and drinks are included along with flights and accomodation. Its going to be so much fun! So now I really have reason to diet and initiative to lose some weight. I want to buy a whole new wardrobe of summer clothes and fit into a proper bathing suit. I want to get a tan and actually go in the pool! Right now I dont think I would. Not at the weight I am currently. I promised my mom I’d work really really hard to lose the weight. And I will. I also have to save money. Its going to be difficult but I think I can manage. I’ll just have to be thrifty with spending over the next few months. Thats ok though. I’m willing to make the sacrafice to go on this holiday. Its something to look forward to and focus on which is nice. My dad wouldnt go with us. He said he’d dog sit for me which was nice. I’ll probably give him some money for doing that which I know he will spend on alcohol but well what can I do? Its up to him what he chooses to do with it. I am not going to try and stop him because I know it will get me nowhere. So yep. Next May we are off for 9 days. I cant wait. Other than that I visited my friend rose this afternoon. We sat and chatted for 2.5 hours. She made me a lovely fruit salad for my lunch and she gave me two pita breads. I just had one of them when I got back to mom and dads house. I filled it with ham and cheese and toasted it. It was delicious. Rose is also trying to lose weight, and she goes to the same nutritionist that I go too. So we were comparing notes on exercise, food etc. It was nice to be able to chat to another person about the struggles and accomplishments of losing weight. Its nice to have the support of someone else whose walking the same journey. My plan now is to relax for the evening. Maybe read a book. Watch the voice kids on tv. I played the lottery so you never know I might have some luck in that. If I did it would be awesome. I rarely play. I love it when bad days turn into good days.

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weight loss progress, I did it

i did it, i lost some weight this week. only a pound, but a pound is better than nothing. i am very happy with myself.
i dont see karen again now for 3 weeks. in that 3 weeks i plan on sticking to my healthy regime, eat well, drink plenty of water and exercise often. hoping when i do see her again that i’ll be down about another 7 pounds.
current weight is 15 stone 10 pounds. waste measurements 130 CM.
No exercise today as I was too tired. I wont do any tomorrow either but plan on getting back to it on sunday.

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