Health update!

well i am doing really well with my diet. i havent even had my weigh in yet. but this morning i firmed up the plans to go to slimming world tomorrow evening and join up. my PA is going to take me. i had to Ok it with my pa supervisor first before we could do it. but now its all set up so tomorrow nights the night i find out just how heavy i am. i made healthy spaghetti bolognes today. i put carrot, onion, pepper, mushroom, the meat and then i made the sauce out of a stock cube, tomato puree, pesata, and spices like oregano and black pepper and garlic. it was delicious. it came out great. really enjoyed making it. we also made pancakes because of it being shrove tuesday. first i wasnt having any then i decided to just have one. i didnt put chocolate or syrup or sugar on mine though. i just had it with lemon juice over it. i think we’re having pancakes for dinner today as well. i’d prefer not to have them again but i doubt i have a choice. i didnt get any exercise in today yet. i will try to work in my work out video later this evening. its a cardio workout. it takes about 30 mins to complete it. its a lovely day outside too and i could have gotten a walk in but i had to go volunteering this afternoon. still though i’m mostly on track so i am happy with my progress.

I’ve had a healthy day so far!

so even tho I am not joining slimming world until wednesday evening, I decided to start as i mean to go on. so today is the day I start eating healthy, and being mindful of what I put in my mouth.

breakfast this morning consisted of a banana, and a yogurt.

Lunch consited of a ham sandwich and a cup of tea.

Not sure what dinner will consist of yet but I will be picking the healthiest option on the menu. I think I’m doing well for my first day. Now to just get some exercise in, in a little while I’m going to walk to the bus stop with Nitro, because we need to practice that route again.

that’ll be my exercise for today. it will take me around 10 minutes to do that. I have to start off slowly though and build up from there.

Joining slimming world

i’m gonna join slimming world. the staff member that helps me cook at the ILS course has joined, and after her first week she lost six pounds. the thing is with the slimming world diet there’snothing you cant eat. you can literally have absolutely anything, in moderation. they have free foods, those are foods like potatos, pasta, rice, all vegetables, fruit, eggs, baked beans, etc.
then there are speed foods, which help you lose weight faster and speed up metabolism.
and then there is a healthy a and a healthy b list, one is dairy like milk and cheese and butter and other spreads, the other is nuts, pulses, lentils, etc.
you get to choose 1 or 2 foods from these lists each day.
then for the bad foods, they call those sins, you get 15 sins per day.
i wont be going until next wednesday as that is when the meeting is on.
so thats when I’ll have my first weigh in.
my PA is taking me. i’ll be staying for the meeting as well as having the weigh in.
i’m excited to join, i have to kick this weight loss thing once and for all.

health and fitness update

so i havent been doing great with my health and fitness lately.

i got out for a walk twice this week. i did two laps of the park next to the residential centre where my ILS course takes place. It takes around 10 minutes to walk 2 laps. i noticed my legs are quite sore, the fronts of them, like from your knee to your ankle. if they werent sore i’d say i’d be able to push myself further.

next week i am going to cut down to just one lap until i build up my fitness level. i would have walked on more days this week but i am not here on friday afternoon or tuesday afternoon due to work experience so i can only go mon tues and friday.

food wise i am doing relatively well. the only thing is i did eat dessert on most nights this week. its so hard to resist it. i really just need to put my mind to it and stick to my guns and say a firm no.

if i am good all week theni can treat myself at the weekend. cora, who works on cooking with me, is going to bring me in some slimming world recipes to try out. next week we’re going to make spaghetti bolognes. i am looking forward to that.

carol anne

On weight loss

spent the first session in class this morning doing class work for my health and fitness module.
i had to write out a food diary for a weeks worth of what I’d eaten. and boy did I eat some amount of sugar yesterday!
So changes are a coming in my diet!
From today on I’ll be cutting coffee completely out of my diet!
I was drinking 3 cups a day with two spoons of sugar in each at 5 G of sugar per spoon.
not, good!
thats the first change I’m making to my diet.
next, i’m cutting out dessert after my dinner each evening. if i do have a dessert i’ll have a fruit salad and some natural yogurt. but am cutting out all the sugary desserts.
also breakfast is going to change. i’ve been eating a bowl of muesli, or a banana and some toast.
i found out wheetabix is a sugar free option, so is porridge, so i will eat one of those and some wholemeal toast.
and maybe some eggs once a week too.
My lunch will consist of soup, and a sandwich either turkey, ham, or chicken.
we watched this youtube video this morning an interview done with an irish journalist who lost 150 pounds in 18 months, just by eliminating sugar from her diet!
now while i dont need to lose 150 pounds, i do need to lose about 80 and all of the above things i will do will be a good start to getting me there.
i will also exercise more than i have been doing.
i’ll try to aim for 2 laps of the park next to where I live each monday wednesday and thursday at lunch time, and I will also try to do the work out video i bought each evening.
even if I can only manage the work out video for 10 minutes out of the 30 minutes at the start, its better than no minutes.
I learned all this from just doing my food diary, well I learned a lot, didnt I?

carol anne

Goals achieved and health update

so…my goals, the ones i’ve already achieved today are as follows:

take meds, done

exercise for 15 minutes, done

eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, done

get the ingredients to make tacos tomorrow, done

I’m happy with what I’ve achieved today. I think that I made good progress.

As for a health update, I’m happy with the amount of exercise i did this afternoon. i walked at a brisk pace for two laps of the park near where my ILS course is. It felt good to be out in the fresh air.

I felt a little puffed after the second lap, but a drink of water soon made me feel as right as rain again.

I plan on having a healthy dinner tonight not sure what we’re having, and for dessert i plan on having fruit salad and natural yogurt, instead of something sweet.


I’m so unfit. I really am out of shape in every way.
But still, I tried this morning. I got on the treadmill and spent 15 minutes on it. I think thats good for my first day of exercising.
I’m proud of myself. I plan on doing another 15 minutes on it this afternoon.
I’m determined to try to exercise at least 5 days a week. More if I can.
Any tips for me for increasing motivation? This morning I set a timer on my phone. It helped because as the minutes ticked down on it I kept telling myself just a little more, just a little more and I’ll be done.
carol anne