Weight loss, week 4

This week I gained a pound. Karen said not to worry, that it was probably due to me being constipated, or else it could be due to it being the time when I would have gotten a period, that is if I still got them, I dont. I was so disappointed to be up. I will have to work hard for next weeks weigh in to make sure I go down and not keep going up. Its so disheartening when you do everything right, and I did, I ate healthily, granted I didnt exercise as much as I’d have liked because I put my back out. But I did everything else right. I drank loads of water, and I ate lots of fruit and vegetables, I cut down on my portion sizes as well. I’ve been obsessing over weighing myself, I know I should just weigh in every Thursday at my nutritionist appointment, but I cant. My own scales doesnt give me an accurate weight, so I dont know why I bother. It only makes me more anxious and leads to me overthinking and obsessively trying to plan ways to lose the weight. Heres hoping next week I’ll have some success again and go down rather than up in weight.


I’ve been super good today and exercised twice. I did 10 minutes on my work out ap, that is an ap from blind alive. Blind alive is a website for blind people, that sells fitness workouts that are audio described. I have the level 1 cardio work out and I love it. Its a 30 minute work out but usually I can only do 10 or 15 minutes of it because I’m still not fit enough to do the whole thing. But thats ok, it will come in time. After dinner mom and I went for a 15 minute walk. We went to the local park and did two laps around it. It felt refreshing but by the time I was done I had sore leg muscles and a sore lower back. I think I may have overdid it a little. But I’ll take it easy tomorrow. I’m proud of myself for pushing myself that little bit more today. I also walked in a park yesterday after we got done in the garden centre. So thats two days in a row where I’ve done physical activity outside and not just on my treadmill. My treadmill is not working properly right now, mom and my sister are going to take a look at it this week for me, I think my nephew stuck a piece of lego underneath it and its causing the motor to have problems. So for the rest of this week I’ll be doing exercises from my ap I think. Hoping to be down some weight when it comes to my weigh in on Thursday. We shall see if it all pays off.

Weight loss, Week 3

I have great news! I went to my nutritionist today to be weighed! And I am down 2 pound!
Yay so happy about that. All my hard work is paying off. Now Im down 4 pounds since I started 3 weeks ago.
I think thats great progress. I have more energy, my mood is good when I exercise, I am less tired, etc.
Its a win win situation!
Week 3 and Im going in the right direction!

Weight loss, week one

Meant to write this last thursday but…

I went to my nutritionist and was weighed. And, drumroll, I lost a kilo, 2.2, pounds.

I am beyond happy. It is a great start to my weight loss journey.

This week has been pretty good food wise. I craved take away food a couple of times but I didnt eat any. I had one cappachino, no chocolate, no crisps or biscuits.

Im hopeful Ill be down some weight on Thursday. Exercise has been a bit of a problem. I havent done as much as Id have liked to do, but the weeks not over yet. I still have 3 more days before i get weighed!

Overall though Im happy. And Im proud of myself. I can do this. I can lose weight and get healthy and fit in the process.

its all about control

i’m having issues today with my weight. wishing i was skinny. wishing i could magically get rid of my excess weight. i plan on working super hard at my weight loss in january, i feel like karen who is my nutritionist probably thinks i am wasting her time. i didnt put much effort into losing weight for the past couple of weeks. heres to hoping in january that will change. today i feel fat and it depresses me. i feel like starving but i wont. its nice to be able to control when and if i eat though. i do know its all about control. dr. barry told me yesterday its important to eat to keep my blood sugars stable. so i will try to follow her advice.

Nutritionist apt tomorrow

tomorrow i see karen O my nutritionist. I havent seen her in 3 weeks. I’m very nervous.
I havent had a good couple of weeks. I’m sure I’ll be up. If I am down I’ll be really happy, but I think it wont happen.
I was meant to exercise this week 3 times. But because I was sick it didnt happen either.
I just hope if I am going to be up it wont be too bad, if I was up a pound or two I wouldnt feel too bad but anything more and I’ll be super depressed.
I sware after christmas I’m really really gonna get my act together and work super hard on losing this excess weight.

Weight loss win

this week when i saw my nutritionist I was down half a pound. I know it doesnt seem like much but I was delighted. I’d eaten chocolate and crisps and had a pretty bad week. But I had managed to exercise a few times, drink plenty of water, and besides the 2 bars of chocolate and 2 packets of crisps, I did well the rest of the week with my food. I tried to make healthy choices. I count losing half a pound as a success. Now if i can do it again this week, or even maintain I’ll be happy. The fact that I am going away this weekend means I’ll probably eat unhealthily but I’ll try my best. Thats all I can do.