Not sureI’ll be down this week…

so i have my slimming world group tonight. i’m nervous.
i had a pretty good week but…i did eat one or two things i shouldnt have…
like some chocolate…and a bag of crisps on saturday, i am allowed these things, they are worth some syns. crisps are worth six syns. i didnt eat much chocolate…about a half a bar..hoping i’ll still be down tonight.
we’ll just have to wait and see I guess…
I need half a pound to be down a stone…any more than that and I’ll be ecstatic…
carol anne

Dinner tonight is…chicken fajitas

Dinner tonight is going to be chicken fajitas. My pa is helping me to make them. I will put the recipe for them below.

Chicken fajitas


4 tortilla wraps
4 chicken breasts
1 red pepper, deseeded and finely chopped
1 green pepper, deseeded and finely chopped
1 onion, chopped
1 package of fajita mix

Coat the chicken in the fajita mix. Fry it, then add in peppers and onion, fry until the vegetables are soft.
Make up the fajitas in the tortilla wraps. Add salsa to them and enjoy!

Slimming world

so all morning i’ve been listening to this debate on the radio about slimming world. as you all know i joined slimming world 2 months ago. and i’ve lost 13.5 pounds in 2 months. it works. it really works. it is the first thing which has truly worked for me. and i make no bones about that. the presenter on the radio show i am listening to is being very negative about it though. he said it sounds like the groups are like AA. i know i shouldnt let it bother me. he probably hasnt a clue what he’s talking about. he had this lady on that writes a blog she is from the UK. and her blog is mostly about going through the menopause but she was talking about slimming world in it and her experience of it and how she hated going to the groups. honestly? i find the group really supportive. and i need the support. if i dont make myself accountible then i wont lose the weight. its as simple as that. i like the fact that i have the support of other group members, we all inspire each other. we share recipes, we share tips. we share the common bond that we all want to lose weight. we all are there for the exact same reason. the presenter on the show was saying how the fact that we called the high risk foods syns is bad. that is immediately denotes that you’ve sinned, commited a huge crime and eaten foods you shouldnt have eaten. i was so glad that a few of the slimming world consultants came on and backed up the plan. because it really does work. the proof is in my group. one lady has lost 5 stone, thats 70 pounds in six months. so tell me thats not working. i suppose i’m just put out by the negativity i heard on the radio this morning.

Weight loss, week 7

Well guys, I have both good and bad news this week.
I was weighed in, and I lost a pound. I am happy, but I was a little disappointed as well, because another half a pound and I would have made the stone.
But I’m happy I lost weight, and I didnt gain.
And there’s always next week right?
13.5 pounds down now and counting…
I also got slimmer of the week again this week so I got a nice basket of food which was a bonus!
I got peppers, carrots, pineapple, and tins of tomatos!
Nitros happy because I just gave hima carrot!
So I’m pretty happy with myself and looking forward to another good week!
And hoping that next week I’ll lose more than a pound, as for the past 3 weeks a pound seems to be what I’m stuck at!
carol anne

Food and exercise log for wednesday

Ok well I was bad today, I did not eata dinner. But I will log what I did eat anyway. Just so that I can be accountible.

2 slices of wholewheat toast, mug of tea

omelette, with bacon, onion, mushrooms, and cheese in it.
glass of water

2 mandarins, a pear, grapes, blueberries, a slimming world hi fi bar, crackers

bedtime snack
two slices of toast
mug of tea

for exercise today I did 2 laps of the park and I also walked to the bus stop and back again.

Weight loss, week 6

Just back from slimming world. I didnt do great this week, but I am happy with what I did lose.
I lost a pound. I thought I would have lost more, but there you go. A pound is still a pound. And I didnt gain and thats always nice.
And, I got slimmer of the month again! Go me!
I’m now down 12 and a half pounds in six weeks.
I set a target to lose 1.5 pounds next week. Heres hoping I can do it.
I really want to see that stone gone!
This week I plan on exercising on the treadmill every day. And I plan on drinking a ton of water. Hopefully drinking the water and doing the extra exercise will speed up my weight loss.
My slimming world consultant gave me a gift of a cook book, one of the slimming world cook books. She ordered me a braille copy of the book, which I thought was so sweet of her to do, she even payed for it, normally you have to buy those books.
So I’ll be trying out some of the recipes in the book this week.