Food diary/exercise log for feb 20th

my food diary for today. if i can remember what I ate…lol…

1 slice of wholemeal toast
a banana
a mug of tea

mid morning snack
one pear
one mandarin
mug of tea

an omelette with pepper, ham, chees in it
a salad

meatballs with pasta
one slice of garlic bread

a fruit salad with pear, mandarin, blueberries and raspberries in it

evening snack
a plumb and some grapes
mug of tea

I got No exercise in today as I had to go volunteering.

Food diary/exercise for Monday

so i’m doing very well with my slimming world plan. today i had a really good day. actually i’ve had all really good days since i started it.

breakfast this morning consisted of:
2 wheetabix, with pear on top
mug of tea

Lunch was:
A turkey sandwich on wholemeal bread
an apple
a mandarin
mug of tea

Afternoon snack was some berries, grapes, and a plumb

dinner tonight was:
boiled potatos
home made burger without bun
baked beans

for dessert I had a fruit salad

evening snack was a slimming world bar, mint kind, some more grapes, and some more berries and a mug of tea.

I also drank 6 8 ounce glasses of water today

as for exercise, I did 10 minutes of walking at lunchtime today, I walked to the bus stop with nitro and back again.


I am craving a burger. I read someone else’s blog post. they had burgers for dinner, and now I want one.
damn I wish I could have one!
I will have to settle for crackers, did you know on my diet a big mac is worth 25 syns?
and a milkshake is worth 19?
i’m only allowed 15 a day!
the good thing is chicken tenders are worth 2 each so four chicken tenders are worth 8 syns!
so all food isn’t bad!
I am so hungry now though, why is it I am always hungry in the middle of the night?
its 1 AM here now.
well I’m gonna go make some crackers and eat a yogurt.
carol anne

I tried some new foods!

so today in cookery class i made spanish omelette, salad and brown bread. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos…but…wait until you hear my good news! I ate salad! I know thats not a big thing for most people, but for me its huge. I dont eat salad! In fact one thing in the salad, cucumber, I had never eaten before!…I was afraid to touch it! But today I ate it! And I loved it! To me it tasted like melon kinda. All water in the inside mostly. No real taste to it other than crunchy. In my salad there was tomato, lettuce, cucumber and peppers, topped off with a balsamic vinegarette dressing. It was so yummy! We didnt eat the brown bread, that recipe was healthy also. It had honey in it which I had never put in bread before. The spanish omelette was nice as well. So yay to me for trying out some new foods!
carol anne

Slimming world…first time, new member

so tonight I went to slimming world to join up.
it was an amazing experience. the consultants name is Annemarie. and she is the most amazing person, very friendly warm and caring.
the thing I like is, she’s been there, she’s been where I’m at right now.
when I first got there I filled out a form, some medical details, personal info, etc.
then Annemarie sat me down and went through the plan with me.
she told me all of their literature is on audio cd, which is fab! she’s going to bring the cd’s in next week for me.
with my membership I also get access to their online lifelines members only website, where I can get wonderful hints, tips and recipes.
so as I said we went through the plan. she literally sat wit me for 40 minutes explaining everything to me.
I wont go into all the details of everything, but there are free foods, which basically means you can have as much of them as you want. these are foods like rice, pasta, eggs, beans, meat with out fat on it, etc.
then there are speed foods, these are fruits and vegetables, most of them anyway, they help speed up weight loss. there are a few fruits and vegetables that are not speed foods, things like potatos, sweet potatos, corn, pineapple, grapes, banana, mango.
the speed foods are all also free foods.
then there is a healthy A and a healthy B option.
that basically means for the healthy A its dairy products like milk and cheese, and you can have one of the other, but you need to weigh them out. she asked if I would consider going on skimmed milk, because if I did that I could have more milk where as full fat milk you can only have about 175 g of it a day.
i’ll think about it. I don’t mind low fat milk but is skimmed milk much different to that?
Healthy B is things like cerial and bread. those also have to be weighed out.
then there are syns, syns are the bad foods, foods which are high in fat and need to be synned, each food, like chocolate, cookies, cakes, chips, processed foods, butter, gravys, etc, all sorts of food like that has a syn value.
it was a lot of info she gave me but I think I am doing a good job of remembering all of it. she wants me to keep a food diary which I am going to do in hard copy and on the computer. i’ll also keep a log of it on here for anyone who’d like to follow my journey.
she said if I bring a printed out copy to group each week she’ll go through it and monitor my progress. she also said she’d keep a record in my book of my progress in weight loss. they already keep that on the computer as well though.
after all that, it was time for me to be weighed. I was dreading it. I stepped on the scales tentatively, and OMG what a shock I got! I was way heavier that I thought I was going to be.
Right now, I weigh 16 stone 7 pounds. For my US readers that is 231 pounds.
That’s the heaviest I’ve ever been since I was about 18. But as Annemarie said tonight, you’ll never see that weight again after tonight.
I’m really really motivated to do this. I am bound and determined that I will do it. I will lose the weight and get down to a decent weight.
I have a goal to lose 6 stone, that’s 84 pounds to get down to my target weight.
Annemarie said its great that I know what I want.
she said the fact that I know what I want means I will have a better chance of succeeding and staying with the plan.
after my weigh in I stayed for the weekly meeting. it was great. they give out awards for each stone you lose, and there is a slimmer of the week too.
overall it was a terrific experience.
I’m excited for this week to get going! Let the weight loss begin!

Happy hearts day

happy valentines to everyone.
I’m doing well today. Had a productive day in class, and also even manage to get a walk in at lunch time, yay!
psyching myself up for going to slimming world tonight now.
wondering what I actually weigh, as to what I think I weigh.
not long to find out only a few hours to go!
did well with food today, a healthy breakfast of a banana and wheetabix cerial, and for lunch it was vegetable and lentil soup and a turkey sandwich.
i’m trying to think what goal I want to set myself for my weight loss.
I know I need to lose about 80 pounds in total.
this is gonna be the start of a brand new me.
no more damaging my health and carrying around extra weight for nothing.
once I get back tonight i’ll post and let you all know how it went.

Health update!

well i am doing really well with my diet. i havent even had my weigh in yet. but this morning i firmed up the plans to go to slimming world tomorrow evening and join up. my PA is going to take me. i had to Ok it with my pa supervisor first before we could do it. but now its all set up so tomorrow nights the night i find out just how heavy i am. i made healthy spaghetti bolognes today. i put carrot, onion, pepper, mushroom, the meat and then i made the sauce out of a stock cube, tomato puree, pesata, and spices like oregano and black pepper and garlic. it was delicious. it came out great. really enjoyed making it. we also made pancakes because of it being shrove tuesday. first i wasnt having any then i decided to just have one. i didnt put chocolate or syrup or sugar on mine though. i just had it with lemon juice over it. i think we’re having pancakes for dinner today as well. i’d prefer not to have them again but i doubt i have a choice. i didnt get any exercise in today yet. i will try to work in my work out video later this evening. its a cardio workout. it takes about 30 mins to complete it. its a lovely day outside too and i could have gotten a walk in but i had to go volunteering this afternoon. still though i’m mostly on track so i am happy with my progress.