Food log for friday and Saturday

Well this hasnt been the best weekend. But I am away, so food isnt my top priority, even though I promised myself I’d make better food choices. I did make ok choices, but some of the food I ate was fried, and so not the healthiest. Anyway, I’ll tell you what I did eat on Friday and Saturday.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs and toast. We didnt eat a lunch since we were traveling, so we had an early dinner, for dinner I had a cajun chicken wrap, with salad, and fries. Then last night I got a chicken and stuffing sandwich, and a fruit salad. Drinks on Friday included coffee, tea and some diet coke, and one bottle of water.

Today Saturday I ate a light breakfast, it was two wheetabix and two slices of toast. I didnt eat a lunch again today and instead I had an early dinner, for dinner I had chicken wings, fries, and then I bought some crisps, and a fruit salad at the store for this evening. Drinks today included tea, diet coke, and some water.

Not sure how it will go tomorrow. I will try to be healthy if I can at all, make healthy food choices I mean.


Food log 18th April

Yesterday I had another good day. I ate well, made good food choices. I will list what I ate below. I hope these food logs are not boring to anyone. They are really helping me stay accountible. So I will keep them up for now.

Breakfast yesterday was a bowl of wheetabix, and some fruit.

Mid morning snack was a slimming world bar, some fruit.

Lunch was a ham sandwich and a mug of tea.

Dinner was chicken curry and rice.

Evening snack was some fruit cut up.

Drinks throughout the day were couple mugs of tea, coffee and 2 litres of water.

Was happy with how the day panned out.


I was down again this week!

So guys, I did it! Not down by a lot this week but…I was still down!
I got weighed last night! And I was down half a pound!
I know it doesnt seem like much, but every little counts!
Now I am down a total of 2 stone 2 pounds, or for my US readers thats 30 pounds!
I’m going in the right direction! I will admit, I was a little disappointed when I stepped onthe scales, I really thought I’d be down more than I was, but what can you do!
At least it was a positive result!
So now to keep going, keep doing what I am doing. Keep motivated!
I can do this!


Food log april 16th

Today had been a little hard. I didnt eat too much. I was too tired to cook. I havent been that mindful of what I ate, either. But I will log it anyway.

Breakfast was two slices of toast with some cooked bacon, and a mug of tea.

Mid morning I ate some fruit.

Lunch was just a bowl of wheetabix, and some fruit.

I didnt cook dinner yet, but I may have something in a while. If I do it will be some sweet potato fries with some chicken fingers and some baked beans.

No evening snack tonight, as its evening here already, but I may have some fruit later on tonight.

My water intake was pretty bad today, I only drank one 500 ml bottle. I’ve also had some mugs of tea and some coffee as well throughout the day.

I didnt do any exercise today either. I will have to get back to it tomorrow.

Hoping tomorrow things will be better. Sometimes you just have days like that I guess.


Food log, 15th april

Today was a huge success. Yay. Am so delighted!

For breakfast I had some pineapple, and a bowl of wheetabix cerial, and a mug of tea.

For mid morning snack I ate an apple and a plumb.

For lunch I had a chicken sandwich, a bag of low calory chips, and a yogurt.

For dinner I had a baked potato, some chicken, and some broccoli rice.

Evening snack I had some more fruit, and two slimming world bars.

Drinks today were 3 litres of water, a couple mugs of tea, and a couple mugs of coffee.

Very pleased with my overall food intake today. I really should see a good result this coming week on the scales. I am hopeful about it anyway.


Night owl

I’m a bit of a night owl. I’m always up late. Always awake into the early hours.

I am currently watching tv. I am watching doctor in the house, a show where these doctors help people to change their lives around, this couple on tv now are both obese, and they are tryihng to change their eating patterns and stuff. Its an interesting show to watch.

Considering I was obese, and still am to a degree, I find shows like this helpful, and informative, my BMI is gone from 44 to 38 now but that’s still so high for my height and age.

My goal is to bring it down to a normal range, which for me is between 17 and 25, so I hope I can do it. I am really trying hard to do it.

I had my evening snack, I had an apple, a kiwi, and some oranges, and I was going to go on the treadmill, but decided to wait until tomorrow morning to go on it.

Right now I am hoping I will sleep tonight. It is looking kinda unlikely to be honest.

Im having real trouble with my sleep pattern lately. I don’t sleep enough, I cant go to sleep, cant settle down at night, no matter what I try to do.

I don’t want to take a sleep med and risk being groggy the next morning from it.

So I will have to grin and bear it and hope for the best!

Food log, 14th April

So once again, a fab day for me today! Food choices were all great! I am very happy with how the day has gone!

So here is how it went for me!

Breakfast was two slices of wholemeal toast, and a mug of tea.
Mid morning snack was a bowl of cut up fruit.

No lunch, as we had an early dinner, we always eat early on Sundays!
Dinner was ribs, mashed potato with no butter or cream in it, broccoli, and turnip. Gotta get in my speed for the day!

After dinner I had a mug of tea and a fibre 1 chocolate popcorn bar, yum!
Evening snack is going to be either a bowl of cerial or some rice cakes and some fruit. I haven't actually decided on it yet.

Drinks throughout today were 3 litres of water, couple cups of coffee, and couple mugs of tea.

I haven't really done much exercise this weekend, but I will get on the treadmill tonight for 20 minutes.

So that's it guys! Another day done! I am very happy with how the week has gone!

See ya laters! Chao!