My weight loss, the plan during the coronavirus lockdown

So I heard today that slimming world are organising for their consultants to run their groups via the zoom app, thank goodness I got familiar with it through my therapy sessions. We are going to use it to have conference calls, and there will be a reduced charge for them while we’re in lockdown from the coronavirus. We have to weigh ourselves at home, then text our weight into our consultant, so she can update the system, so that when we do return our weight and history will be there. This seems like a great idea to me. I’ve been struggling to stay accountible and to stay on plan. If this goes ahead it will be easier. We are going to trial it for 2 weeks, so for the first 2 weeks we can go on zoom and do the conference calls for free. This also seems like a good idea, to see if everyone is comfortable with the set up. I know I will be, so I said yes and signed up to it. I’ve told my friend Norma that she’s welcome to come over to my house, and weigh herself on my scales, and do the group chats with me since she’s not computer literate and she wouldnt be able to use zoom herself. She said she’d like to do that. I just need to get back on track. Go back to basics. I’ve started now. I am back on plan again, had wheetabix for breakfast, fruit and a sandwich for lunch, and I’ll be having chicken curry with rice for dinner today. From today onwards I need to be super good, and focused, that will be easy now since most take aways are shut. I dont feel so bad though, since even my consultant is struggling, and she admitted to eating all around her over the past few days. She said she knows when she weighs herself she’ll be up. I’m up a bit, but am hoping to lose it over this coming week, if I can go in next tuesday with a maintain or a loss I’ll be chuffed. Heres hoping…fingers crossed.


Now I feel so guilty ug!

I had a moment of weakness, and I ordered take away food for my lunch. I am not pleased that I caved and gave in to my cravings!
I wish I hadn’t eaten it now! I feel so guilty!
I suppose all I can do now is move on. Start fresh from now. Try to do the next right thing. Try to focus again!
Has anyone got some words of wisdom for me?
Words of encouragement even?
I could so use them! Why is it always so easy to give in!
I really, really need to work harder on saying no to cravings!

Massive success at weigh in!

I am just home from being weighed in! I had a fantastic result when I stepped on the scales! I was down 4 pounds! I couldnt believe it! It just goes to show doing all the right things and being on plan pays off. I am thrilled. I am determined to continue my sttreak of good luck. I am determined to have another great week, I am not actually sure if we’ll have a weigh in next week, but I am determined to go on as if we will. It has really boosted my confidence to have this fab result. I am delighted. I am on air…on cloud 9. I came out of there beaming from ear to ear. Its exercise, lots of water and fruit and veg for me this coming week. am determined to keep this up, I know I cant lose 4 pounds every week, but even 1 or 2 would be good next week.

Food diary for today, I’m totally on plan!

I’m so happy because I am totally on plan and I have been on plan for the majority of this week!
Breakfast today was two wheetabix with milk, and a mug of tea.
Mid morning I had some fruit, I had some pineapple, two mandarines and a nectarine.
Dinner was a nice juicy steak, some broccoli and a baked potato.
I’ll probably have some more fruit later on this evening for a snack, I might get mom to make me a fruit salad and put some yogurt over it.
Love it when the food is going right for me!
So hopeful this week of a very good result at weigh in!

Dieting update

I’m doing well with staying on plan for slimming world. I am not eating much junk food, I did eat a few pringles last night, but that’s all I’ve had.
We’ll have a weigh and pay in slimming world this week, due to the corona virus. We’ll have no support meeting until further notice. I wasn’t going to go on Tuesday at all, but then I decided I’d better, because if I don’t I will probably go off plan.
I don’t wanna jepordise myself now!
Hoping for a good result this week! I hope I’ve done enough and will be down!

Weigh in tomorrow, Facing the music

So tomorrow I am going back to slimming world after a 3 week break. I am so nervous. I know I am up. There is no denying it. I am definitely after gaining some weight. I kinda did what I wanted for the last couple of weeks, I ate all around me.
Tomorrow I will face my fears, and be weighed, step on the scales and face the music, whatever happens, happens. I’m ready. I can do this. I’ll own it. Take whatever the scale says and then work with it for next week.
I’m sure I’m up at least 3 if not 4 pounds. Oh well. It is what it is. Nothing I can do about it now.


More on my decision about weight loss

So I’ve decided! I will take this week off and I wont go for my weekly weigh in, I also took last week off and I wasnt weighed then either, I know I will be up this week, as I wasnt totally on track, so I am going to take the week off. But then I will get right back into it again!
My cousin Nicole called to moms this evening, and she said to me how great I look, and that one comment spurred me on to want to keep going despite me not losing any weight in recent weeks! Just the fact that people are noticing how good I look well that means so much to me!
Its hard work to lose weight. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar! So I am happy if I get compliments! Its very motivating and makes me feel amazing about myself!
So now that I’ve decided, I’m back to eating tons of fruit and drinking water and I am hopeful I can undo any damage I’ve done in the last 10 or so days!
Yay for making up my mind!