Sleepless night!

didnt sleep good at all last night. i even went to bed at a reasonable hour. i went to bed around 11:30. i didnt read, i decided to try to go right to sleep. no such luck though. i tossed, i turned, i lay there wide awake for ages. eventually i did fall asleep for a couple hours but I woke again at 5 AM. got up, since I couldnt get back to sleep. mom got up at six. she had a bad night, her COPD was acting up. she had to get up and take her inhalers. she’s a little better now. we sat together in the kitchen and had a cup of tea together. she has to go grocery shopping this morning. my sister will take her. i heard yesterday that my partner jess has the chicken pox. her long time friend told me. apparently jess’s adoptive mom told her. so today i need to go get her a get well card. she’s in isolation. as you know she’s in residential, in a residential psych facility. anyway she’s in isolation for the next 10 days. i bet thats no fun at all. no visitors and no one to talk to for 10 days, only the staff in the facility. i was telling my mom this morning that i need to see about getting a before and after picture for next week for the awards ceremony. they want before and after pics. i have a before one or i should have, in my phone. one that was taken when i was 2 stone heavier. i will take an after pic this week I’ll have mom take one for me. hopefully i can get a good one. other than all that not much planned for today. just having a quiet day at my parents. nothing much will be happening today. i can just relax and take it easy.
carol anne


Results of my weigh in!

I did it! I am so excited! I did it I lost more weight, yay!

Was down 1.5 pounds tonight. A great result!

Am now down a total of 2 stone 3 pounds, that is 31 pounds for my US readers!
To say I am thrilled is an understatement!
I got slimmer of the week again too this week so that means I got a lovely big basket of food! All syn free or low syn!

And, guess what else? You wont believe this as I cant! But…

I was nominated for woman of the year! Its an award that is given out each year in the slimming world groups! Four of us were nominated for it!
Hope I can win! It would be so awesome if I did! I’m gonna ask my sis to do my hair and make up next week so that I will look nice for the ceremony!

So yes I’d say its been a pretty good week!
carol anne


Weight loss update

so I am wondering how I did this week with my weight loss!
I sneakily stepped on the scale this morning! It gave me a nice result, but well, I know I cant really trust my own scales! So I am not going to hope that what my scales said is true!
I will just wait until tomorrow when I have my weigh in and see how I go then!
I was good though this week so…well, hoping that will pay off!
I am making a spaghetti bolognes today, well I am not doing it, my mom is, and I will eat that today, and maybe even tomorrow too.
The only thing I’ve eaten this week that was any way bad is I had two bags of cheese and onion crisps, on saturday. Other than that I havent had anything unhealthy! I have eaten tons of fruit which is also speed so thats good right? I think so!
I am so hopeful of a good result tomorrow night. I’ll be devastated if it turns out bad!
I’d really love to lose more than a pound!
That is my dream result, to lose maybe 2 or 3 pounds!


A great weight loss result

So last night at my weigh in I had a great result.

I was down 1 pound. Woohoo.

Was so pleased. Did think I’d be down more but well I am happy with a pound. And at least I wasnt up this week.

So now that I am back on track again, I plan on having a really great week this coming week.

I’m now down a total of 2 stone and a half a pound, or 28.5 pounds for my US readers.

Just sooo happy with that amount of weight lost.


Healthy eatings gone out the window

im not kidding. its so hard. i ate way too much bread today. and i ate less fruit and drank less water. time to focus. focus focus carol anne!

I have to do better! I need to be down some weight this coming week, if I am not it will be a tragedy!

I havent exercised again this week not since thursday when I did my workout on my phone. I have to try to motivate myself! It just has to be done!

At least only 2 days of this week are over. So I have another 5 to go where I can try to do better! Make healthier choices!

Whose cheering me on?



so i bit the bullet and went and did a work out on my app on my phone.
i only did half of the 30 minute workout as i knew it was going to be hard and i might not be able for the full thing.
it was super hard. the work out is a work out especially designed for the blind, the exercises are all described, in detail.
i have to say i enjoyed it though. and after doing it i feel much more energised and way better and not even really tired at all.
i plan on trying to do it every day. i plan on doing half of it for the first couple of days, then I will increase my time and hope to eventually do the full work out.
carol anne


Bad week for weight loss!

Well I have not had a good week. I did not have a good result tonight when I went to slimming world.
I hate even saying this but…
I was up 2 pounds. How that happened, I’m not sure.
All I can think of that might have caused it is I had extra bread this week, and on Sunday I had dessert after dinner, the dessert was a raspberry chocolate fudge cake, so god only knows how many calories were in it.
I’m disappointed, very much so.
But I plan on turning this around. I am already making plans for what I can do to change it and have a better result next week.
I am going to cut down on tea and coffee, only have one cup in the morning and one in the evening. I am going to cut down on bread. I amalso going to drink a ton more water. And I am also going to increase my fruit and vegetable intake.
Then there is exercise. I plan on doing my workout on my phone every day this week. I just have to motivate myself, and do it. There really is no other way and I do need to start exercising so now is as good a time as any.
So all that to say, heres hoping next week I’ll have a good result. In the meantime I’ll try not to be too disappointed with myself and my progress.