3TC #191

Your 3 words for the challenge are:

I have a wicked sense of humour! At least, thats what everyone always tells me!
Today my sister was drinking coke, I was joking, and she laughed so hard that some coke came out her nose!
A great piece of commedy to brighten the day!


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My house is like a zoo!

This house, its like a zoo
The mess, it is so not cool
I am spending my morning
Cleaning, and pruning
Doing dishes
Mopping, cleaning
All so that my house will be gleaming
I am hard at work
It sure aint a perk
Gotta eat now
and Stay full up, somehow!

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if your in Isolation a game to play!

This game made me smile! Its fun to do so I did it and you should too!
Your real name:
Shirley Healy, is the bodys legal name.
Your soap opera name:(middle name and street you live in)
Majella glentrasna
Your StarTrek name:(first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 of middle, last 2 of first)
Superhero name:(color of your shirt and item to your right)

Blue water

Goth name:(black and name of one of your pets)
– Black Nitro
Rapper name (Lil’ + last thing you ate):
– Lil ham sandwich

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Guess whose in my bad books?

Nitro! He’s being a goofball!
He’s making an idiot out of me!
😀 He is pretending he needs to go out and then when I go to open the door to let him out, he stands there with a look of who me? Not me! On his face!
He just will not move to go out!
Talk about a dog who knows his own mind! 😀
I have to laugh at him!
At least he is making me smile!
But he’s really in the dog house tonight!
Or maybe its me who is! Lol!

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Nowhere to be gotten!

Cleaning products, hand soap, nowhere to be found!
I cant quite believe the way people are still panic buying!
A few days in and they are still trying to buy up every pack of wipes, bleach, surface cleaner etc!
And there are literally no bottles of hand soap to be had!
Omg this is nuts!
Luckily I got mine last week, before all this started!
Yesterday my aunt was visiting my mom, she said she ended up having to buy shower gel to wash her hands! She wasnt able to get any soap!
I’m just like wow!
Absolutely nuts it is!

Yes, I am still blind…

Omg guys! I am so irritated!
I get this payment once a month. It is called blind welfare allowance, and it is payed to all blind people in ireland, the cheque goes into my bank account once a month.
So last week I got a review form to fill out. It gets reviewed once a year, to make sure none of your circumstances have changed. Which is fine, I understand that they need to do this.
But earlier in the week I got a phone call from a welfare officer, she said she needed to call out to my house and meet me. She said she’d ring in advance, but she didnt, she just arrived at my door this morning!
Good thing I was up and dressed lol!
Anyway, she arrived, asked me if I get a welfare payment each week, when I said yes, she asked me which one do I get, and how long I’ve been getting it!
Then she goes, ok, so I’ve met you, thats all I need, I’ll let the office know I’ve met you! And with that, she was gone!
I think she just wanted to make sure I was still blind! Lol! Imagine it! I am hardly going to get my sight back overnight now am I? I was just like, whatever!
It really irked me if I am totally honest!
The fact I am recieving blind welfare allowance, means I am blind for goodness sake!
Ah well, we’re all good now for another year at least!