Me and my sister pranked our mom! We used an app, to do it.

The app rings the person. So mom got a phone call from an american lady pretending to be the pharmacy calling her. She told her that she had her prescription ready, but mom was smart. She didnt fall for it.

She asked the girl what name she had, and the girl just said oh I just was told to call this number, I have 3 months supply of genital wart cream for you to pick up.

Mom was like, no, you have the wrong number, and then she hung up on her.

After a few minutes my sister rang our mom and then we told her what we’d done. She took it well. She saw the funny side of it.

I never knew there were apps to do things like prank call people! Man there’s an app for everything nowadays isnt there?


Oh my bad

Well it turns out that I was the cause of my internet not working! Well not my internet, but my email. I was trying to set it up on my mac. I entered what I thought was my password, only to find out that actually I’d changed it and was entering in the wrong one.
Lol. I am so stupid sometimes! I cant believe I forgot I’d changed it!
Anyway all is good now! It works! I managed to set up my account on the mac, and all is fine with it!

Why dogs are better than kids

It doesn’t take 45 minutes to get a dog ready to go outside in the winter.

Dogs cannot lie.

Dogs never resist nap time.

You don’t need to get extra phone lines for a dog.

Dogs don’t pester you about getting a kid.

Dogs don’t care if the peas have been touched by the mashed potatoes.

Dogs are housebroken by the time they are 12 weeks old.

Your dog is not embarrassed if you sing in public.

Average cost of sending a dog to school: $42

Average cost of sending a kid: $103,000


Dogs and computers!

Hope this gets to the list.

Dogs and Computers – Same or Different

Favorite Food

Dogs: kibbles

Computers: bits

Method used to end undesirable behavior

Dogs: hit with rolled up newspaper

Computers: hit control-alt-delete

After destruction of personal property

Dogs: dog not found

Computers: file not found

Favorite trick

Dogs: roll over

Computers: play dead

Fun way to mess with their heads

Dogs: peanut butter on roof of mouth

Computers: peanut butter in CD-ROM drive

Consequence of virus

Dogs: replace valuable carpeting

Computers: replace valuable data

Waste disposal tool

Dogs: pooper-scooper

Computers: CCleaner

Sensitive internal procedures

Dogs: must be undertaken by fully qualified professional

Computers: may be undertaken by that guy at work who fixed one kind of
like this


Method of marking territory

Dogs: lifting leg

Computers: “Designed for Windows”

Unique behavior

Dogs: lick and drag

Computers: click-and-drag

Inexplicable physical feature

Dogs: declaw

Computers: scroll lock key

Estimated life

Dogs: 12 years

Computers: 12 months