3.2.1 quote me! Attitude!

Fandango has invited everyone to participate in this 3.2.1 quote me post on attitude which was started by Rory of a guy called bloke and K9 doodlepup!
Heres fandango’s great post with some awesome attitude quotes in it!

So I shall take part, because anyone who knows me knows, I’m the queen of attitude! Right?

Oh yes I am! 😀

So heres my selection of attitude quotes!

I feel so miserable without you, its almost like having you here.

If you find me offensive. Then I suggest you quit finding me.

I dont know who said them but damn they’re hilarious!

And if you want to take part, your it! tagged!

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Broadband wos

so I’ve had ongoing issues lately with my internet. its been acting up. disconnecting for a few mins, then coming back on again, this could happen up to 4 times an hour. not all the time, but every few days at least. so a technician from my ISP provider is going to come out on Thursday, thank god! im paying enough for the damn thing. I want it to work! my tv also uses the internet and it wont work without it. so hopefully on Thursday it will be solved. its a pain that it keeps going off! I depend on it and I need it. I need it to work!
Im just frustrated with it. I am also frustrated with the customer service people who answer the phone! The last time I called the lady only wanted to know if I am blind how do I cope? How do I manage? what business is it of hers? She’s supposed to be helping me fix my internet not asking me a ton of personal questions!
When I told her I couldn’t see colours and I needed more of an explanation she didn’t know what to say or do. She said well if you cant see colours then I don’t know what to tell you to do! Talk about having no disability awareness training! She obviously had no clue and so I said ok then whatever, and I just hung up.

For SoCs: slip!

Well hello everyone! What do you think of my great idea, yes, an idea, here it is, I shall just slip into bed? I think I should! Its night time afterall, but I am not even tired!
I had a wonderful day! I slipped away from my parents house, and slipped off to see my friend norma!
She gave me a birthday present! A beautiful pair of earrings! They are shaped like hearts and are so darn cute!
I love them! Earrings always make me feel so girly, and I love the really girly ones, with hearts, butterflies, roses, etc on them!
What else? I came back to mom and dads, and I slipped out of my clothes and into my PJ’s! I had to! I felt a lot better once I did that! Much more comfy!
I went to make a cup of tea, and I almost slipped in the kitchen! And damn that wouldn’t have been a good thing! The last thing I wanna do is fall! Not on a hard wood floor!
Well, as my dad says, if you wore slippers, then you wouldn’t fall at all!
hahaha I would, I’m that unlucky!
So now I am debating, whether to continue reading blogs, or go read my maggie hartley book and finish it!
what do you say guys? Should I close the laptop down for the night?

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS April 13/19

The holidays for April 4th

The holidays for April 4th, 2019 are:
404 Day
Hug a Newsperson Day
International Carrot Day
International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action
National Burrito Day
National Cordon Bleu Day
National Tell a Lie Day
Victims of Violence Wholly Day
Vitamin C Day
Walk Around Things Day
World Rat Day

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Make up your own holidays day?

Did you know?
That today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day? Let your imagination run wild and create your own holiday! Be inventive; celebrate your favorite food, your favorite person, your favorite hobby, your favorite anything. Enjoy your day!

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