If we go into complete lockdown

Here in ireland our government is talking about putting the country into a complete lockdown, its being decided tomorrow what they will do. If we do go into lockdown, I’ve decided that I will go to my parents house for the foreseeable future, until this is all over. I am safer there. And it would be really difficult for me to get food, meds etc if we go into lockdown because my PA’S wouldnt be working, and I’d have nobody to go to the store for me or who could take me. The reason we have to go into lockdown is because this past weekend our beaches, public parks and walk ways were packed with people, people arent taking the social distancing seriously, they are treating the pandemic as if they wont catch the virus, and so why bother taking precautions? Its really selfish of them considering there are many vulnerable people, elderly people, sick people and people who need to avoid catching it at all costs. So this is why now our government is having an emergency meeting tomorrow to put a plan in place. God knows how long the lockdown will go on for when it starts, as our head of government said last week, this is a storm, it will come, and when it does we need to be ready. I am thankful I have somewhere safe to go. I am thankful I have my parents still. Its times like this when I know how lucky I am to have the support of family.
carol anne

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