I’m so frustrated, I can’t get into my email account, I was trying to set it up on my Mac and it wouldn’t set up, then I realised it wouldn’t let me login on my other Windows PC either, or on my phone.

I tried and tried and just got more and more frustrated. So I went and took a shower. I’m done now and still I can’t get into it.

The joys of computers and email. I love them but sometimes they frustrate me to no end.

Europe’s largest rollercoaster are pictures on it

So yesterday we went to a theme park. My sister, my niece Lauren, and we got on Europe’s largest rollercoaster. It was totally awesome and amazing. Here are our photographs. I took these from the original photographs or pictures of them I’ll have my phone so I hope they came out okay. If you’re ever in Ireland I suggest you take a trip to Tate a park. It’s amazing and you love it there, I did.