World mental health day: What is it like living with did?

Today is world mental health day! So I thought I’d do a short post about living with did, and what that is like.

Living with did is a real adventure! Sometimes its hard, but sometimes its fun! I know that sounds crazy. But let me explain a little.

I share my body with many alters. We all have different thoughts, opinions, feelings, emotions. Life can get a little crazy with everyone vying for different things! Its hard for us to agree on most days!

With help from our therapist Eileen we’re learning to cooperate better with one another! Its slow going but we’re getting there!

Did isnt always fun. The related symptoms like nightmares, flashbacks, high anxiety, and triggers can be so debilitating. And again, different insiders feel the symptoms in different ways. So while I can cope with a lot, the younger ones cant, and get triggered very easily.

Its definitely a roller coaster living with did, there is no doubt about that!

What has helped the most is the love and kindness of family, friends, and our therapist and psychiatrist! Our therapist and psychiatrist are the most important allies we’ve got right now! We’re so grateful for their love and ongoing support and for helping us through!

Its thanks to them that we’ve come so far in our recovery and now live a relatively stable life!

Did is a hard and complex diagnosis to live with, but you can have a good quality of life when you have did, you do not have to be afraid! Life can be good! Did is not scary! We’re just normal people! We’re not monsters! No need to be afraid of us!

Like a t shirt that I own says, being multiple means there is more of me to love!