An attitude of gratitude

I thought I’d do a little exercise of listing what I am grateful for today. I have a ton of things to be grateful for, so here goes.

my family
my health
my dog
that I am alive
a hot shower
food on the table
a warm house
my volunteer job
a good mental health team
my therapist
my PA
Coffee and tea to drink
That I am not currently in a war torn zone
My independence
Smiles and laughter
That I am loved

What are you grateful for?

Gratitude and self-care

Hi everyone
Its Sienna! I know I dont post often but, here I am!
I want to start doing a daily gratitude post on my blog again, I used to do it regularly, then I wasnt out in a while, so didnt have a chance to do it
In our system, I look after the self care things that we do. I come out and I make sure we’re getting enough self care activities in, and enough me time, so we can replenish ourselves.
Its tough, because sometimes there isnt much time to do self care things, but each day I try to do something, one thing even, that will benefit our mental and physical wellbeing.
I used to also do up a list of things I’m grateful for at the end of each day, and I want to restart that up again on our blog. So my contribution to our blog from now on is going to be just that, a gratitude list each day, and maybe some posts about self care, too!
So heres our gratitude list for today! In no particular order, I am grateful for…
Mom! She has helped us immensely and without her we wouldnt be able to do half the things we can do now!
Our dog nitro! His waggly tail, and sweet doggy kisses, keep us going on our bad days.
Rain! I love the rain!
Music…I love listening to it, apple music is my favourite thing to listen to.
Reading! Books help us escape!
My health! I am happy we’re healthy!
A therapist who cares so much about us!
Hot food to eat!
Our house!
Being loved!
Finding joy in the small things!
Taxi’s! They help us get around!!
Our PA!
So thats it for now! What are you grateful for today?
Until next time, adios!
Sienna, age 22

Sunday gratitude post, things I am thankful for on this sunday

Hi all

Well I thought I’d do a little sunday gratitude post! Things I am thankful for today! ❤

Here goes!

My sister, who very kindly took me to iceland to get some slimming world meals!

My dad, and not just because its fathers day! But because he cooked an awesome dinner today!

My dog, who always brings me joy!

My technology, for allowing me to connect with like minded people.

My friends, for all of the wonderful support.

My blog buddies, for whom I am eternally grateful.

My writing, which allows me to release feelings and emotions.

My books, reading is a passion of mine!

A hot shower!

The nice weather!

What are you thankful for on this sunday?

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New challenge for the month of march, love yourself!

I tried this before. I found it really useful then so decided that for the month of march, I will do a little challenge, join in if you wish.
The challenge is to write a daily post listing some things you love about yourself. Could be one thing, or a number of things.
I am going to write a daily post, so I hope you will do it too!
Join me on this wonderful love yourself month of march!


Gratitude list!

Well now that Monday is over, I thought I’d do a little list of things I am thankful for. There really is a lot today! So here goes!

Nitro! I am so proud of him today too!

The fact I don’t have to retire nitro yet! That is such a relief to me!

My therapist! Her support means the world to us.

A hot mug of tea! 😀

A good book! I started a new one, one child by Torey hayden! So far I love it!

Sleep! I went to bed early tonight, and slept for 3 hours, I’ll take that while I get it!

That both of my appointments today were a success!

For good food! And being able to actually cook it myself!

That I am alive! And mostly healthy!

That my dad had a good apt today with the eye specialist!

For my phone! Without it I’d be so lost!

And that my friends sums it up for today!

What are you grateful for today?