Grocery shopping!

Your three things today are:


As I said, I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow. I’m the worlds worst for buying unnecessary things in my grocery shop. I’m always putting things I don’t need in my trolley. So I’ve made a list. I started making lists a few weeks ago, and its working out really well. I’m literally getting whats on the list, and nothing more.
I’ve planned on buying a lot of fruit tomorrow. Enough to get me through the weekend. I’ve also to buy a few basics, like milk, eggs, cold meat for sandwiches, and of course my big 24 pack of bottled water.
I’m sure since I have the list I’ll be in and out of the shop in 20 minutes or so. I’m going to take a taxi to the supermarket, and take one home also. On my way home I have to stop off at the vets to pick up dog food, I’ve already payed for it.
This is a pointless post I know. Lol I just felt like writing about my grocery list. Lists save my life!

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