Feeling so anxious this morning!

My anxiety this morning is so awful! Its a myth that good sleep gets rid of anxiety. I mean that is if I got good sleep, I didnt. I literally got about 2 hours of sleep. I am not feeling so good since I woke up at around 6 AM.

I feel so sluggish. And so, so anxious. I am jittery, agitated, overwhelmed. Alls I gotta say is I am thankful for therapy in an hour!

Now i just have to get there in one piece!

Its horrible out there this morning, really wet and windy. I am sitting here, mug of coffee in hand, contemplating the day ahead. My brain cant seem to focus. Thats why I am drinking coffee, to try to get my mind focusing.

This anxiety is a killer. I just chewed down my morning meds. I dont take an anxiety med in the morning. I do take prozac though. I am hoping that will do something for my mood, I feel kinda low this morning and I am really hoping the low wont last the entire day.