Weekend update

So I’ve had a pretty good weekend. My PA was sick on Saturday so she never came so that threw me off a little bit as I have a saturday morning routine and I like to stick to it if possible and any change to the routine throws me off. So she texted me at like 7:30 to say she wouldnt be coming that she’d had a bad night and she wasnt feeling great. Then I rang mom, mom was babysitting my sisters kids on Friday night cuz my sister went to her class xmas party for her college class. So I asked mom if she’d go grocery shopping with me and to get dog food. She ssaid we’d sort something out and that she could go with me but she’d have to take the kids. I get my dog food from the vet and the vets wasnt open until 10 AM. I had a feeling they didnt open late on Saturdays, and when I rang to find out I was right, they only opened until 12 PM. So then we had to rush and I went to moms house, and she got the kids ready and we took a taxi to the vets to get the food. We went from there to the local shopping mall to buy groceries. I ended up getting some peoples christmas presents as well. I spent way to much money, a total of 150 euro for everything. I got my cousin a purse, and my neighbour a gift voucher, I also got mom a voucher, and one thing for my sister. I still need to buy my sister the rest of her gifts but wont do that until next week. I also bought holiday cards to send to all of my friends. I’ll also give a card to dr Barry and Eileen. After we finished with the grocery shopping, mom rang my sister and she picked us up. We went to my house and put everything away before going back to moms house. Laura made tacos for dinner and they were yummy, I had also bought a nachos kit so we had those too. I just chilled out for the rest of Saturday evening, I went to bed pretty early because I was so tired. Sunday was a lazy day. I got up super early because Nitro was standing at my bed looking at me because he wanted to go out. I didnt do much for the morning just checked email and listened to the radio and talked to mom and dad. We all had dinner at 1:30, my sister and her partner and kids came over for dinner and then mom and my sister and the kids went to a local christmas market. I decided not to go and I am so glad I did. Mom said they lined up for 40 minutes to get on the ferris wheel, and another 40 minutes to get in to see the lights and santa. I went home and napped for a couple hours as was tired from being up so early.