Tuesday at 10-Christmas brings me joy

I decided this week to do the tuesday at 10 blog prompt, which was joy-joyful.

So…what does this mean to me?
Well, christmas is a time of joy for me. Watching my niece and nephew open presents, hearing their happy laughter and squeals of delight is wonderful.
Eating good food, watching christmas TV and movies, opening my own gifts, being with family, and spreading joy and love, thats what its all about.
Buying a gift for someone who doesnt have anything to open on christmas, sending cards to friends, spending time with an elderly neighbour who might be lonely, visiting relatives, volunteering your time somewhere, are all part of my christmas.
And of course, my pet Nitro, my beautiful wonderful loyal and oh so loving guide dog. He makes my christmas special every year too.
I love christmas. It brings joy to my heart. And I like to spread that joy and love to others where I can.