30 day challenge day one

Day one: Some basic info about yourself

I am female and I am 35
I have brown hair but its died, it used to be black when I was young
I am a lesbian
I have dissociative identity disorder and ptsd
I am in college studying IT
I am blind
I have a guide dog named Nitro
I have one sister and no brothers
I live alone and have done so for 10 years

More about me, 40 secrets survey

Who was your last phone call
My Mom

Where was your last picture
On a family night out
What’s your second name?

When is your birth date?
April 19th

What is your current mood?

What color shirt are you

Do you love your mom as much as
you love your dad?

Do you have a crazy side?
Yes I sure do!
Ever had a near death
Something you do a lot?

Angry at anyone?
My abusers.

Last person you flirted with?

best friends Male and female
Sarah, Norma, I have no male best friends

When was the last time you

A few days ago

When was the last time you
felt loved

If you could have one super
power what would it be?
reading minds.
What’s the first thing you
notice about the opposite gender?
Their Voice

What do you usually order
from Amazon
books, dvds

Satin or silk sheets

Who are you missing?
– My grandad, he died last april

Favourite tv show?
Big bang theory, Law and order SVU

Last one night stand?
Never had a one night stand

What are you eating or
drinking at the moment?
I am eating nothing and drinking coke

Whats your favorite smell?
vanilla. and jasmine.

Describe your life in
one word.

Have you ever kissed in the

Ever kissed on the beach?

What are you thinking
about right now?
my parents and My partner

What should you be
Calling my friend

Who was the last person
that made you upset/angry?
my dad

What are you currently
listening to?
The wind and rain

Do you like working in
the yard?
Plans for the night?
Do email and watch tv

Would you ever like to
sky dive?
dont think so!!!!!!!!

What is your natural
hair color?

Who was the last person to
make you laugh?
My nephew

My rambling ramblings

I’m kinda bored. I’m still at mom and dads house. I’m gonna stay here until Friday. I always spend new year with them. My two aunts are coming over later this evening and we’re going to have drinks. I have some white wine. I probably shouldnt be drinking when I am taking the lyrica. But it doesnt seem to effect me. Its not like I am going to drink a ton of wine anyway just a little. I really need the distraction so I am glad they are coming over. I was meant to go to my friends for the evening but its pouring outside and I didnt want to risk it just in case I couldnt get a taxi back to moms. In the rain you could be waiting an hour for a taxi. So I told her I’d come on Friday afternoon. She lives near me and I’ll be on my way home so can drop in then. I’ve no plans for new years. I think it will just be a quiet night this year. First though I’ll see dr. Barry on wednesday. That I am looking forward to. I also need to get my xeplion injection. I am glad because I’ve been having a hard time. I think its worn off and that is why I am becoming so unstable. I always know when I need it because my symptoms always get worse. I have another week off of college. I dont go back until the fifth. I was looking at the calendar for next year today. Easter falls in March. I just wanted to find out when I’d next get some time off of college. It probably wont be until st. Patricks day. I’m starting a new book tonight. Its called a child called hope. Its another short story. I’ll do a review once I am done reading it. I’m also reading a long book by Casey Watson. Its called skin deep. So far I like it and think its really good. I seem to read more than I watch tv. I also like listening to podcasts. Especially tech related ones or mental health related ones. I learn a lot from listening to them. Well I’d better sign off and go make myself a cup of tea. Tea makes everything better after all.

Christmas afterthoughts

christmas was nice this year. it was quiet and uneventful. i spent it with my parents. i had a nice relaxed day on christmas day. my sister came over with her kids, we exchanged gifts, it was nice. i didnt watch much christmas tv. instead i curled up with a book and played games on my phone. my mom got a new phone, a sampson galaxy. she is still learning about it. i told her i’d teach her over the next few weeks. my sister downloaded some games for her and i told her if she wants it i’ll sign her up for a facebook account. first though she needs to get used to the touch screen and learn how to type on it. dinner was nice on christmas day. there was just mom, dad, me and my uncle dads brother for dinner. my sister went to her partners parents. we had turkey and ham with mashed potato and vegetables. then christmas pudding and custard for dessert. i ate way too much food on christmas. i’m still eating it lol. i sware come January i am going to join slimming world. i’m not kidding because i do need to lose weight for my nieces communion in May. there is way too much chocolate, cookies, cakes, pringles etc in the house. and i cant resist. yesterday was quiet too. well the morning was. i kept being confused though with what day it was. it certainly didnt feel like a saturday at any rate. my sister and her partner and their two kids came for dinner to my parents yesterday. the kids were wrecked and both of them went to sleep for hours in the afternoon. me and mom and my sister sat in the kitchen having some drinks and chatting. i havent been anxious or agitated or overwhelmed too much this holiday season. i’m glad about that. its been nice not to feel like i’m on a roller coaster. the lyrica seems to be helping. i’m not having any side effects from it either which is good. i actually am glad i started taking it. who knew i’d be glad that i am taking meds! i have another 10 days off of college. and i’m gonna enjoy every second of it. its nice not to have to get up early every day and not to have to rush in the morning to get out the door to college. i feel very happy. long may it last.

Tuesday at 10-Christmas brings me joy

I decided this week to do the tuesday at 10 blog prompt, which was joy-joyful.

So…what does this mean to me?
Well, christmas is a time of joy for me. Watching my niece and nephew open presents, hearing their happy laughter and squeals of delight is wonderful.
Eating good food, watching christmas TV and movies, opening my own gifts, being with family, and spreading joy and love, thats what its all about.
Buying a gift for someone who doesnt have anything to open on christmas, sending cards to friends, spending time with an elderly neighbour who might be lonely, visiting relatives, volunteering your time somewhere, are all part of my christmas.
And of course, my pet Nitro, my beautiful wonderful loyal and oh so loving guide dog. He makes my christmas special every year too.
I love christmas. It brings joy to my heart. And I like to spread that joy and love to others where I can.