My rambling ramblings

I’m kinda bored. I’m still at mom and dads house. I’m gonna stay here until Friday. I always spend new year with them. My two aunts are coming over later this evening and we’re going to have drinks. I have some white wine. I probably shouldnt be drinking when I am taking the lyrica. But it doesnt seem to effect me. Its not like I am going to drink a ton of wine anyway just a little. I really need the distraction so I am glad they are coming over. I was meant to go to my friends for the evening but its pouring outside and I didnt want to risk it just in case I couldnt get a taxi back to moms. In the rain you could be waiting an hour for a taxi. So I told her I’d come on Friday afternoon. She lives near me and I’ll be on my way home so can drop in then. I’ve no plans for new years. I think it will just be a quiet night this year. First though I’ll see dr. Barry on wednesday. That I am looking forward to. I also need to get my xeplion injection. I am glad because I’ve been having a hard time. I think its worn off and that is why I am becoming so unstable. I always know when I need it because my symptoms always get worse. I have another week off of college. I dont go back until the fifth. I was looking at the calendar for next year today. Easter falls in March. I just wanted to find out when I’d next get some time off of college. It probably wont be until st. Patricks day. I’m starting a new book tonight. Its called a child called hope. Its another short story. I’ll do a review once I am done reading it. I’m also reading a long book by Casey Watson. Its called skin deep. So far I like it and think its really good. I seem to read more than I watch tv. I also like listening to podcasts. Especially tech related ones or mental health related ones. I learn a lot from listening to them. Well I’d better sign off and go make myself a cup of tea. Tea makes everything better after all.