One more thing down

I did my presentation this morning. It was part of the team work module. There was four of us in my group. I thought it went well. We presented on the irish guide dogs. I was doing the services they offer for my part. I didnt use powerpoint or any visual aid. I was just going from memory. My class mates gave me a lot of lovely feedback afterwords, asking me how I remembered everything, saying my memory was really good etc. That I was confident too which was nice. I was a little nervous, but not overly so. I did however just want it over with if I am honest. I came in an hour early to have one last look over my information and I am glad I did that. Our presentation lasted 25 minutes and then we filled out a self assessment afterwords. I enjoyed doing the assessment. It gave me an opportunity to critique myself and also focus in on what I did well. Only one more thing to do now for the module and that is to write a 1000 word reflective assignment on how we worked as a team. I have part of that done already so I just need to finish it this weekend. I’m on track with it though so I am not gonna worry about it. I have to say I will be glad when the module is finished. There was a lot of work to be done for it and I just hope I get a good overall grade on it.