mid morning ramble

so i think nitro is feeling sick. he keeps gagging and coughing and trying to throw up. i’m sure its nothing serious though. just him being a little bit off. i gave him a carrot this morning, and some pineapple. maybe that pineapple did it to him. all i know is i dont want to clean dog vomit so i hope he wont vomit! it wont be any fun to wipe up dog sick off th e floow. right now he’s laying near my feet. i had some porridge for breakfast. i got this one you make with water in the microwave. you can also use milk but i have to only use a small amount of milk in a day so i used water. it came out a little stodgy though. the instructions say to put two scoops ina bowl, and add four scoops of water. i did that, and stirred it to make sure the porridge was soaked in the water. so i dunno what happened. i ate it anyway. i wasnt about to waste it. i also had some yummy strawberries. goal of a healthy breakfast, done and dusted. i rang my friend norma asking her if she wanted to come to my house instead of me going to hers. but she said she was short on cash and so i’m still going to her this afternoon. my house alarm went off this morning at 7:15 AM. it said the batteries are low in it. it rang my moms phone and my sisters phone, and woke them both up. they werent very pleased as you can imagine. i was already up so it didnt wake me as it rings my phone too. i’ll have to get the guy who put it in to look at it for me. it wont be this weekend though.
well thanks for reading guys…
carol anne

Goals 14th april 2018

My goals today are not many. I dont have too much on the agenda.
I of course will continue to Eat healthy meals. And I will Take my meds.
going to visit my friend in the afternoon. must tidy up my kitchen.
will read my book, still havent finished it, have four chapters to go.
other than that will just watch a bit of tv, and work on copying my media files from my external hard drive to open drive.

Not asleep, again

well i’m wide awake. of course its my own fault. i slept earlier in the evening. i slept after dinner, woke around 8, was gonna get up, but then fell back to sleep again. didnt wake until 9:30 when mom called me. let nitro out, made a cup of tea, and then went back to bed, slept until 1:30.
so now i am up. im not a fan of being up when everyone else in the world seems like their asleep. but what can i do. it is what it is. i went online, read and responded to my blog comments and email, downloaded some tv shows on to my external hard drive, and now i’m going to read my book and try to finish it.
hope everyone has a good night or day wherever you are in the world!

carol anne

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