Late night ramble

I’m watching independence day! It’s a good movie. Its audio described. I am glad its audio described, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to follow it.

I only ate dinner at 9 PM! I just wasn’t very hungry at all today.

I feel very wired. I doubt I’ll sleep. Thank god I’ve no plans for tomorrow.

I do need to work for a couple of hours in the morning.

Frances isn’t coming to work. She called me this afternoon. She’d just come out of a doctors appointment. She has a chest infection and the doctor put her on steroids and antibiotics.

But she also has to have a covid test tomorrow. She doesn’t think she’s positive but she has no choice but to be tested, due to her job.

So she won’t be coming to work at all.

She’s hoping to have her test result by Wednesday evening, so she can come to work on Thursday.

So if I don’t sleep tonight, I can sleep in tomorrow morning, because work can be done at any time between 9 AM and 5 PM!

I wish I had a way to test my blood sugar, I think it might be high. I can’t wait to see the diabetic nurse this month, so that maybe I can get a talking glucose monitor from her.

Or she can help me to get one!

I’m very thirsty so I think my sugar is off! I’m trying to drink water!

Well I will go finish watching this movie, and then I want to read.

Hope your all having a good evening!