Follow up vet visit for Nitro

Nitro is going back to the vets tomorrow. He has a follow up appointment to check his ears are ok. He has recently been on ear drops for an infection. I think he’s doing a lot better, his ears seem a lot cleaner, he is shaking his head less often, he seems to be happy, and the infection seems to be gone. The drops did the trick. They were really good and if the vet wants to prescribe another course tomorrow I’ll take them. I want to keep his ears as clean as I can. I hate that he constantly has to deal with ear infections. It cant be very comfortable for him. Other than his ears, everything is fine. He’s healthy, and happy. I am wondering how he’ll be at the vets office tomorrow. He hates the vets office. He always tries to pull me towards the door when she calls us in. He is always nervous and panting a lot, and cant wait to get his paws out of there once she’s done. He literally runs for the door when we’re done. I hope he’ll be ok while we’re there. Fingers crossed. After tomorrow I’m hoping he wont have to go again for a few months. I need to buy his worming tablets and flea treatment tomorrow also. I never did that the last time I was there. If you could, please send nitro positive thoughts for tomorrow. I’ll keep everyone posted on how he does there and will update after we’ve been.


I wake from a bad dream…

Woke up from

a bad dream

tears flow

eyes wide shut

not wanting to see

the devastation

the chaos

that bad dreams brings

wanting the nightmare to just end

right now

so I open my ears

listen to the morning birds

chirp, chirp

they take my fears away

as i dream of pretty colors

flapping wings

and bird song

welcome to a new day

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darina ballerina here guys!

its me darina ballerina! im writin this post!
in six in case yu dint kno
ges wat?
last nite befor we came home frum the party
we was in tha kitchen
eatin all tha leftover food
we was eating chiken nuggets
and ther was som left
so we took a box of them to tha car
and we was eating them on ar way home
it was so fun!
I love chiken nuggets
we also had potato wedges
who liks those?
we dint eat them all tho
we got too full
tha partee was sooo good!
ther was even a piñata
but I didn’t get to smack it
cuz im in a growed up body
and onlee tha kids was allowed to smack it
but I did get ta eet good food
and dance
and it was fun!
now im real tired taday
we not got to sleep till after 5 AM
even tho we was home at midnight
but its ok we not got to do anything taday or bes no where
so it all good
darina ballerna