Sunday morning update

I slept well last night. I think it was med induced, but whatever! I’ll take it!
This morning I feel a lot better, I dont feel as lethargic, its still there a little bit, but it seems to be fading which I am so thankful for.
I didnt take my fenergan last night, but I did take 10 MG of haldol, I used to take 5 MG but Dr. Barry upped it to 10 MG a couple of weeks ago.
This weekend I’ve gotten a lot of good sleep. What with being lethargic, and being at my parents house where I normally sleep much better than when I’m at home, it worked out well. I am going home later on this afternoon, and if my sleep is bad again this week at least I can console myself with the knowledge that I’ll be going to my parents house again next weekend.
I’ve no plans today other than dinner at my parents house. My sister and her family are coming over and we’ll all have dinner together. Corned beef is on the menu, I love corned beef.
My sis will drop me home this afternoon. I hope everyone has a great sunday! Stay safe, and well!