so i thought i was going to be feeling good today. but instead I feel lethargic, no energy, sleepy. i slept for 3 hours this morning, i went back to bed at 11 AM and slept until 2 PM. I dont like that I did that. I think its not a good thing. i should have been more productive. I know I didnt sleep much last night. But still. Not good. At least now I am up again though and I got dressed and am getting my stuff together ready to go home. Moms coming over to my house for a while to help me put stuff away. my sister came over to mom and dads after work, she was working all over the christmas period. she works as a health care assistant. anyway she came over and me and her and mom chatted for a while. i still feel flat and lethargic though. ug. this isnt cool.