Lesson learned

So after our weekend away, we got the train home. Would I do it again? Not a chance.

The train was overbooked. It was standing room only. There was a mad rush for seats. We got assistance, so we did get a seat, but only just.

It was crazy. Definitely not my favourite thing. I felt so blessed that we actually got a seat.

The lesson in all of this is, book the tickets. Don’t depend on using your train pass! Especially on a bank holiday weekend! Book the seats before you go, that way you’ll definitely have a seat!

And that, I will do in the future!

I was just glad to be able to get home safely. I met a friend of mine whose also blind at the station, I met her at 1:30 in the afternoon. She had to travel from Kerry to Dublin, and then on to wexford, and she said she was not going to get home until after 9 PM! No thank you!

Makes me glad I only live 90 minutes from Killarney! Its not a long ways off at all!

My Mental Illness Is Still Teaching Me

Lessons having a mental illness can teach you, anita from discovering your happiness has written this fabulous post all about this topic!

via My Mental Illness Is Still Teaching Me

Lessons learned

this week one of the writing prompts on mamas losin it is as follows
Take a line from a song you love and turn it into the title of your next blog post. Let the content follow.

The song I am choosing is Carrie Underwoods lessons learned.

I have learned many lessons from my abusers. Lessons I should have never had to learn.

I should have been allowed to be a child. Instead my childhood was ruined, tainted, taken.

Lessons I have learned from my abusers:

fear everyone and everything
never trust a man
hide, always hide
never speak your truth
never let your voice be heard
I am vile
My body is just a play thing
I am an object
I don’t matter
I have no value
I am weak
I am powerless and helpless
It is ok for people to do what they want to me

So as you can see, I learned so many awful things from those who abused me. It has taken years but I am slowly relearning them.

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