Lesson learned

So after our weekend away, we got the train home. Would I do it again? Not a chance.

The train was overbooked. It was standing room only. There was a mad rush for seats. We got assistance, so we did get a seat, but only just.

It was crazy. Definitely not my favourite thing. I felt so blessed that we actually got a seat.

The lesson in all of this is, book the tickets. Don’t depend on using your train pass! Especially on a bank holiday weekend! Book the seats before you go, that way you’ll definitely have a seat!

And that, I will do in the future!

I was just glad to be able to get home safely. I met a friend of mine whose also blind at the station, I met her at 1:30 in the afternoon. She had to travel from Kerry to Dublin, and then on to wexford, and she said she was not going to get home until after 9 PM! No thank you!

Makes me glad I only live 90 minutes from Killarney! Its not a long ways off at all!