What we can learn from others, healing thought for today

There is no such thing as a perfect person or life. So don’t judge others or separate yourself from someone because they are different in your eyes. We all have something that another can learn from. Live for today, love for tomorrow and give one another a chance before giving up; you just might be surprised that you did.
Renee Scalfani


We had a great time at the conference yesterday. It was a lovely day.

There were a lot of talks from disabled people who are in employment. There was a talk from a visually impaired girl who used to be a teacher, she actually taught me a few years ago. It was so nice to catch up with her.

There was a talk from a blind accountant. And a guy who worked in the civil service.

And there was a talk from a blind psychotherapist. She gave a great talk on mental health and wellbeing.

It was so interesting. We also had talks from people from our local university, from the disability support office in the university. And there were also people from the local employment service speaking, and a job coach from employability, which I was glad to hear as I am waiting to see a job coach at the moment.

Lunch was provided for us, and in the morning there was tea and coffee and scones and croissants. In the afternoon there were technology demonstrations. I got to see the newest braille display. The orbit its called. I have never owned a braille display before. I dont think I’d like one. I prefer apple products and my laptop.

Overall it was a great day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be looking forward to giving the NCBI feedback on how the day went.

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I wish the grade for my journal of learning was out, I’ve been waiting and wating for it to appear, my tutor had told me it might be out last week, if she got around to correcting the journals and if not, it might be this coming week.

So far there’s nothing though. I keep checking on blackboard for it. But nothing yet.

Its causing me to be more than a little anxious. I really want a good grade. I am trying to not think about it too much. I am a little nervous, because I was meant to have 1800 words, but I only did 1400 since I couldnt think of anything else to put in to it.

I hope that is not going to effect my grade too much. I am thinking it might though. I might lose marks for not writing the right number of words.

Oh well. It is what it is I guess. What will be will be.

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#Writing prompt 27

The highest price I’ve ever payed for something is…


I am going to talk about buying my MacBook. I didn’t actually pay for it, because I got funding, but I had to go in and get a quotation, before the funding came through, to find out how much it would cost.
It was 1300 euro. Its a MacBook pro!
Now that I have it, I need to start doing more with it than I’ve actually done. I need to try to learn how to actually use it and use it well. That has been a challenge for me. I am trying to slowly learn about it, but its slow going.
I am so used to my windows pc, and I sometimes don’t want to take out the MacBook, to use it.
I remember when I got my first I phone, I was also slow to learn it, but now, I wouldn’t use anything else. I’m hoping in time I will feel the same way about my MacBook pro.
Being blind, having a MacBook is awesome. Apple has built accessibility into all of their products, so right out of the box, its useable.
That’s something I love about apple products. And you can do so much with them too.

Writing Prompt #27

I’ve finished!

I got my assignment for college done! Yay!
I just finished it!
I’m thrilled to have it out of the way now!
I was going to leave it until tomorrow to do it, but then I had a spurt of energy so I decided to do it tonight.
And I am so glad I did!
Now its done, and I hope I will get a good grade on it!

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1 3rd of the way there!

I am 1 3rd of the way through my assignment for college. I will get the second journal entry written later this afternoon, and if I feel up to it I may even finish it this evening, it all depends on how tired I feel though, so now that I am 1 3rd of the way there, it means I can actually go into work today, and not be stressing out about getting my work done!
Yay, so glad about that!
I love it when my stress level is down!

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