I’ve finished!

I got my assignment for college done! Yay!
I just finished it!
I’m thrilled to have it out of the way now!
I was going to leave it until tomorrow to do it, but then I had a spurt of energy so I decided to do it tonight.
And I am so glad I did!
Now its done, and I hope I will get a good grade on it!

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1 3rd of the way there!

I am 1 3rd of the way through my assignment for college. I will get the second journal entry written later this afternoon, and if I feel up to it I may even finish it this evening, it all depends on how tired I feel though, so now that I am 1 3rd of the way there, it means I can actually go into work today, and not be stressing out about getting my work done!
Yay, so glad about that!
I love it when my stress level is down!

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No mind to do it

I have to tackle an assignment for college but I really have no mind to do it!

I really really dont want to do it! I am procrastinating bigtime!

I probably wont end up doing it today. I might do a 3rd of it today we’ll see. I have 3 journal entries to write. I know once I start writing the words will flow, at least I am hoping they will anyway. But its just getting started!

This is the last one that I have to do, and I’ve actually had weeks to do it but I didnt get to it!

I am soooo baaaad!

But hoping I can get it done before tuesday, its not due in until friday but I do want it handed in a few days before its actually due to be handed in.

Fingers crossed I can make a start on it soon!

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College stuff, drama mostly

So for our final part of college before summer break, we had to do a group project. We had to do up a poster, and do a presentation on it. So there are 5 people in my group. Or there were. There was a ton of drama, basically, one member didn’t like how we did the presentation, he didn’t like what we were putting on our poster, he wanted to do things his way or no way and that’s even after myself and my friend denise did all of the work for the other 3 members, we wrote out their parts of the presentation, we basically did everything for them, all because we care about our grade, we care if we pass or fail. They did write some stuff out, but I sware, you couldn’t hand up what they wrote, it was like something a 10 year old would write, not something an adult wrote. So we did all the work, the one guy complained, and then when my friend basically told him off, the other guy complained that we were being bitchy and that he wasn’t going to stay in our group. I sware such childish drama. I don’t need it. So myself and Denise decided that we’ll do our own thing. We’re going to cut ties with the group and the two of us are going to do our poster presentation on shine, that’s the place that runs the basement club. We’re both members, and we’re both familiar with the services of shine, and the policies and stuff. I think this is going to solve a lot of the issues. Denise is going to email the other 3 members, to tell them, and also to tell them that they’re not to use our work, that they can go ahead and write their own pieces, but that they aren’t to use our writing. I don’t think they’ll be very happy, but oh well. It serves them right, they shouldn’t be so ungrateful and starting drama, texting our WhatsApp group 20 times this afternoon, each message more drama filled than the previous one. We’re not up for that. We’re all adults…we should be able to act accordingly. So denise and me have a week to get this together, as we’re presenting next Wednesday. I think we can do it. We’re going to go in to the basement club tomorrow and talk to the staff and ask them for their help.

Did you know? March 28th

Did you know?
That today is Czechoslovakian Teachers Day? This day celebrates the birthday of Jan Amos Komensky (1592), a Moravian educational reformer. He favored the learning of Latin to facilitate the study of European culture but emphasized learning about things rather than about grammar per se.

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Love yourself challenge, day two

Day two of this challenge! I am enjoying it immensely!

So for today, for today I love about myself that I am able to learn! And I enjoy it! I enjoy being smart! 😀

I love that I have the opportunity to keep learning! I go to college, I am so glad I can go to college!

Learning is fun, and knowledge is power!

My first day of college!

So I had a very good first day of college. I am going to love it I think! There is a ton of work to do, a ton of assignments, but I think it is going to be a great course. I know I am going to learn so much. I will definitely come out knowing way more than I know now about mental illnesses, policy surrounding them, services which are available, etc. There are four modules to my course. Two before the summer, and two after it. We will work now from jan until may. Then there will be a summer break from June to September, and then we’ll work through until next January again. The lecturer said that the first module has the most assignments, there are 3 of them to do for that module. We have to review and summarise an article, do a presentation, and do a learning log. There are others for the other modules, like group projects, a visit to a mental health organisation, more presentations, etc. It sounds good, but like it will be a lot of work. I’ll definitely be busy thats a sure thing! I like that though. I like being busy. Today was basically just an introduction, an overview of the course, assignments, how to use blackboard etc. I found it helpful to go through everything. There are 25 students in my class. I already know a few of them as we’ve done courses together in the past. I am feeling good overall though about this. I think it will be fun and I am glad I signed up for it.

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