A new lawn mower

I got a new lawn mower. And OMG what a nightmare it was to put it together!
First when it was being delivered the delivery guy left it outside my front door and he put my wheely bin up against the door in front of it so nobody could see it to steal it. But it was really obvious there was something behind the wheely bin!
My mom and dad were trying to put the lawn mower together today it, and in the end they had to get help from my sister. There were a load of little screws to screw in. Well in the end they got there.
But then, it rained before my dad could cut the grass. So he said he’d do it next week.
My dad has no patience so he was yelling a lot when the little screws wouldnt fit in!
Anyway its all done now and hopefully when we go to actually use it it will work for us.