frum darina ballerina here ar 2 joks

its darina ballerina!
ar frends little gina whose four tol us thees joks
i thot id shar them here wif yu all!
cuz they ar so funy!
so here goes k?
where does a 600 pound gorilla sleep?
give up?
he sleeps wherever he wants!
ha ha ha!
and heres tha oother one?
how do you know an elephants been in your fridgerator?
cuz he leave footprints in the cheesecake!
ha ha ha!
love, darina ballerina im six!


3TC #191

Your 3 words for the challenge are:

I have a wicked sense of humour! At least, thats what everyone always tells me!
Today my sister was drinking coke, I was joking, and she laughed so hard that some coke came out her nose!
A great piece of commedy to brighten the day!


My house is like a zoo!

This house, its like a zoo
The mess, it is so not cool
I am spending my morning
Cleaning, and pruning
Doing dishes
Mopping, cleaning
All so that my house will be gleaming
I am hard at work
It sure aint a perk
Gotta eat now
and Stay full up, somehow!


Word of the day: Whimsical.

Moms Whimsical laugh
makes me laugh too
when I’ve had a rough day
I like to sit
and talk to her
we share our thoughts
joke around
she has
such a Whimsical sense of humour
I love that about her
She always knows
How to cheer me up
For that
I am truly grateful