Our vet visit

Nitro has had his vaccinations, he has to go back in 3 weeks for a second dose, he also had the kennel cough vaccine, so he’s good now for a year, and he’s protected against that.
The lump on his right ear was a cyst, the vet said its nothing to worry about and for me to just keep an eye on it.
Unfortunately he’s 10 KG over weight. He’s 44 KG and he should be about 34, so he needs to lose 22 pounds! I didnt realise he was so overweight! I was so upset!
I now will have to weigh his food out each day. He’s supposed to get 515 grams of food per day, so about 250 grams per serving as he’s fed twice a day.
Hopefully when he goes back in 3 weeks he’ll have lost a significant amount of weight, if the weather picks up I will also be walking him.
When we got to the vets office he wouldnt get out of the taxi, it was so cute, he actually turned his back and refused to get out of the car!
I had to push and pull him to get him into the vets office!
Once he was in there he was fine though, the vet is lovely and she’s really good with him.