My dog is now a senior

Nitro is 9 years old now. Oh my god! 9! How did he get here?

I rang his vet this morning. I wanted to check when his next check up is due.

She told me to bring him in in april. He gets a check up every six months. She said if I am worried about him to bring him in sooner.

She asked me if he’s losing weight, I said, no, quite the opposite. I think he’s gained some weight.

I’m not actually worried about him at all. He does have a little lump on his ear, its like a wart, but the last time he was at the vets I got her to check it. She said it was nothing and if he was ever under anastetic she’d remove it then.

He’s in good health. I think he’s getting a touch of artheritis though poor guy. He can still run around though, and he can still jump on the bed, so I don’t think its that bad.

I hope he is going to live for at least another 5 years. All going well, he should. I just cannot imagine my life without him in it and I hope I don’t have too for a very long time.

Forgot about poor nitro!

I forgot to get a christmas present for Nitro. Now I feel really bad.

I could try to get him one but I doubt I’ll be in the shops again before christmas. I am just hoping my sister got him something, or my mom.

At least I can give him a treat of turkey and ham on christmas day. He will enjoy that. Maybe that can be my gift to him, some nice tasty food from our christmas dinner.

I wanted to get him a doggy christmas stocking. Or a new collar or something. I just forgot with all the rushing around I’ve been doing lately.

Brekfast time for Nitro!

As I sit
Quietly typing
My baby boy
Comes and lays his head
On my knee
He wants breakfast
But its only 5:30 AM
But how can I resist
That cute little puppy dog
With his big soulful eyes
How is it
That labs have such soulful eyes
It would melt your heart
So off I go
Out to the living room
Feed him and watch him wolf it down
Before opening the door
On a fresh monday morning
And watching as he does his thing


A dog tale!

dear sweet nitro
stubborn you are
sitting on the rug
refusing to go out for me
what will I do with you
But I do have to say
You are soo cute
The way you refuse to come when I call you
Its funny
The way you plant your bum on that rug
And sit there steadfast
Looking at me
with those big puppy dog eyes
As if to say
Dont put me out in the rain
I love my nice warm house to much to go out there in that cold!
Please, I just want to go to bed!
In your bed, mommy!
Oh how I love that dog!


Vet visit

Im taking Nitro to the vet today. This morning. He’s gotta get his shots, his yearly ones. He has to get the main ones, and then the kennel cough one too, which they will give him up his nose, poor puppy, he hates that, he’s going to whimper when they put it up his nose, because well, I think it hurts when they squeeze it up there. He also has to get his worm treatment, and flea treatment, as its summer now, and fleas and ticks are everywhere, I also have to buy another bag of food for him, I’m almost out of dog food now. There is a tiny little lump on his right ear, on the outside of it. I need to get the vet to look at it and hopefully she’ll know what it is. Its not bothering him, and I think its either a wart, or a bite of some sort, but I am going to get it checked out for safety sake. I know he’s going to pull and whine when we get to the vets, he hates going in to see her. He will go in, but he will drag his feet, he’ll probably try to go towards the front door when we stand up to be called back to her office. He always does that, silly little puppy!


Cutie nitros making me laugh again!

My dog is incredible! I mean it guys, he’s always making me laugh! He’s done it again now! Just what I needed, a good laugh!
Last week, I was outside in my front garden, talking to my next door neighbour, and I brought him out with me. He sniffed around for a while, and then unbeknowns to me, he did a huge pooh! I mean this was no ordinary sized one! No it was humungus!
I was like, I am not going to clean that!
So mom did it for me!
Tonight, I let him follow me out while I threw something in the bin, and what do you know, he pooped again! Another huge one!
I had to laugh! Is he trying to tell me something?
Last week, my PA saw what he’d done and said, he is building a house! He should have been an architect! 😀
She thought he was hilarious and so do I!
I mean tonight, I had just let him out five mins beforehand, in the back yard to go! But he had to wait until I let him out in the front garden to go! Now anyone walking in to my house can see his monster sized pooh!
But he’s cheered me up! Thanks, cute boy!