it bes lexi! and we just heres a kitty cat!

we hered a kitty ote side our windo! she was goin meow meow!
liz wanted ta send nitro ote ther to see if hed chase her!
but he wudnt go ote!
he sat by tha door and he wudnt go silly puppy!
we don kno if de kitty cats still der!
im sayin shes a gurl kitty but her mit bes a boy!
but she was rite oteside ar window of ar bedroom!
now im not skard! i wana go pet her!
but liz sayed no we cant, it only 3:30 in de mornin!
and wed hav ta go ote in the garden and how wud we find her!
so no pettin her fir us!
lexi whoos six