Love yourself challenge, day four

Day four of the challenge. I cant believe I’m four days in!

Today I am doing it a little different. Instead of sayihng something I love about myself, I am going to say something that I do for myself, a lot.

That is, self care. I love that I take opportunities to practice self care regularly. I feel its so important to do this on a regular basis.

If we arent kind to ourselves, then we wont be able to be there for others, we wont be able to look after anyone else if we dont look after ourselves, first.

Today, I love myself because I allow myself to be kind to me. I practice self care, I practice loving kindness for myself.


Love yourself challenge, day 3

Today, the thing I love about myself is my ability to be level headed. I say this as I had to make a few tough decisions today. I thought things through, weighed up all the options, pros and cons, and then decided what I should do about the situation.
I am happy with the outcome, I am more than happy actually.
I feel its a very good quality to have to be able to think clearly, rationally, and to be able to have a level head on my shoulders in matters of this nature.
So thats what I love about myself today.


Love yourself challenge, day two

Day two of this challenge! I am enjoying it immensely!

So for today, for today I love about myself that I am able to learn! And I enjoy it! I enjoy being smart! 😀

I love that I have the opportunity to keep learning! I go to college, I am so glad I can go to college!

Learning is fun, and knowledge is power!

Love yourself challenge, day one!

The start of a new challenge for me, and for anyone else who wants to also do it!

List something, or more than one thing, you love about yourself, for the entire month of march!

Each day, we’ll make a daily post calling it love yourself challenge, and list what you love about yourself!

Today I love that I push on through even when I dont feel like it! I am determined! I love my determined nature! I keep on going even when things are rough!

What do you love about yourself today? Link back to me so I can read it!


New challenge for the month of march, love yourself!

I tried this before. I found it really useful then so decided that for the month of march, I will do a little challenge, join in if you wish.
The challenge is to write a daily post listing some things you love about yourself. Could be one thing, or a number of things.
I am going to write a daily post, so I hope you will do it too!
Join me on this wonderful love yourself month of march!