My Birthday trip is officially cancelled

Well, because of the coronavirus, our trip to killarney which we were going to take for my 40th birthday in April has been officially cancelled. I’m so disappointed, but there really was no alternative, we had to cancel it. Maybe when this whole pandemic ends, we can go. I hope so. I really want to go, it looks like I’m not gonna have much of a celebration for my birthday this year which is a bummer. I hope we’ll at least have a cake, and maybe a little get together just a few of the family, we’ll see what happens I guess nearer to the time. My birthday isnt until April 19th.


Celebrating some birthdays!

Tomorrow my nephew turns 7! And on Sunday his dad turns 32.

My sister took both of them away for a weekend break to Killarney!

Killarney is like our second home! Its cool there. Its easy to get to its only an hour and a half drive from cork!

My nephew wants to go to the aquadome which is a huge swimming pool for his birthday so they are going to do that and then go bolling and at dinner that evening my sister is going to ask the restaurant to bring out a cake.

I gave him money for his birthday, I think my sis is going to take him to a toyshop in Killarney to spend it.

I got my sisters partner some lottery tickets, so I hope he wins on them!

Got to Killarney safely!

We got here! We’re all checked in and we’ve eaten and done our grocery shopping. Well, I didnt go grocery shopping, I left that to my mom and my aunt, myself and my other aunt stayed here in the apartment and chilled out. We chatted and caught up as it had been a while since we did that.
Now I am just relaxing in my PJ’s. Mom and my aunts are having drinks and watching tv. I’m not drinking, I’m trying to stay on plan with my healthy eating as much as I can.
My sister and my cousin are going to come down here tomorrow evening and spend tomorrow night here with us. My sisters partners mom will babysit the kids.
Tomorrow we’re going to go for a walk by the killarney lakes, and then my aunt is going to cook a huge pot of curry for us all to have for dinner, I cant wait as I love her chicken curry.
I plan on lazing around in my PJ’s tomorrow morning and I also plan on staying in bed late.


Killarney, here I come!

Am off to Killarney for the weekend! For those who may not know, Killarney is in co. Kerry and its my second home!
I’m going with mom and my two aunts!
We’re staying for 3 nights! We booked an apartment a 2 bedroom apartment!
We’ll have lots of fun! I just know it!
I’m super excited!
I’ll still be posting though over the weekend! I brought my laptop with me!
I also have my phone for on the go photos and videos!
So stay tuned for some cool posts from me!
This break is badly needed! I need this time to just chill out and relax!
So yay, killarney here I come!
We’ll leave at 11 AM in the morning!
Probably wont get home until late monday evening!


Oh man I got nothing done, again!

Well today was a right off! I got nothing accomplished! Nothing at all!

It looks like I will be spending my Saturday doing college work! I will also try to get some done tomorrow while I am at work! My supervisor has given me permission to do some of my college work for some of the time I am there!

I did so want to make a start on my assignment today. But then, I got too tired! I sat with my dad and watched tv instead!

What a way to get it done, right?

Ah well! I’m not worried, I will get there! I’m sure by this time next week I’ll be saying, why did I stress so much!

By this time next week it will all be over, my presentation will be done, and I will be excited about going to Killarney for the weekend!

Oh did I mention that? I’m off to Killarney on the 25th with my mom and two aunts! For 3 nights! I cant wait to go!

Its going to be a blast! We’ll have a ball!

So now its just do this assignment, get the presentation done next week, and then chill and enjoy Killarney!

Weekend break!

In a few weeks I’m heading away for a weekend break. We’re going to killarney, one of our fave spots. We’ll be going on the 25th, until the 28th of october. I cant wait!

I love weekends away! I’m going with my mom and my two aunts. We’ll probably go to some shows, there is a lot of entertainment in the hotel we’re going to, we’re going to a hotel, but there are apartments there too and we’re actually staying in one of those.

It cant come quick enough! I’m super excited about it!

Plus, its coming at a good time! Halloween is only a few days after that, and halloween is a tough time of year for us. So going away for a few days coming up to it will do us good I think!

Even dr. barry agreed when I told her we were going!

Plus we’ll have no therapy on that monday the 28th, not sure if Eileen is going to do a session that week, she may or may not, it will depend if she is available to do it.

So the fact we’re away on the Monday when we’d usually have therapy will be great! No time to get upset or worry or fret!

So yeah! Come quick October 25th!


In the zone

Happiness spreads
All through my veins
I am
On a high
I am traveling
To Killarney
this weekend
Getting in the zone
Thinking about what I will do there
Feeling blissfully happy
Loving this feeling
Long may it last