Got all the gifts sorted!

c i got all of the shopping done and over with! now i can breathe! i have everyones gifts now. now all i have to do is put money in a card for mom and dad! we had a lovely day out. i got some clothes for my nephew, and my sister said she was going to let him wear them on christmas day. i got him a pants, and a christmas top that says “dear santa, I want it all”. Lol. I also got him a fleece to wear over the top. So he’s all set. I also got him two x box games, I had to return the ones I got him last week as I got them for the wrong console, but the store I bought them at took them back, and I only had to pay the balance for the ones I chose instead, I had my sister help me pick them for him because I knew she’d know what he likes. She chose a lego game and a transformers game. So now thats his gifts gotten. Mom bought me a lovely t shirt top that says “believe in yourself” on it. I loved it when I saw it. I will wear it with my new checky leggings. I bought a few christmas cards which I will be sending out to my friends, need to get my mom to help me write those tonight. We had our lunch out too. I had a nice bowl of homemade vegetable soup, and a turkey sandwich with relish on it. My sister got most of laurens gifts today too. I also went to the grocery part of the supermarket to get my fruit for the week and a few other bits I needed, like milk, yoghurt etc. I’m exhausted now but I am very happy. With 3 weeks to go until christmas, I’m sorted. Now I can enjoy myself coming up to the holidays, we’ll be going places, this week we are going to a craft fare on friday, and soon we’ll go to the christmas festival thats on in our city, we’re also going to see the coca cola truck, you know the big one thats in all the coke adverts. My sisters taking the kids to see it and then to visit santa, and mom and me are also going. I just need to get my college presentation over with this coming weekend on saturday, and then I can really start enjoying the festivities.

A fun day out at christmas time

Mom and my sister and me are going to a local shopping centre this afternoon to do a little more christmas shopping. I dont really have to do much, I have everything taken care of, but I do need to change some x box games I got for my nephew, so I’ll do that, and I also need to pick up a few lottery tickets, christmas cards etc. My dad asked me to get him some chocolate, so I’ll also get that. My sister is going to buy a few things for Lauren for christmas, she doesnt know exactly what she is going to get her, so she wants to look around to see what she can find. Lauren is at that age where she doesnt play with toys, and she has most electronics, a phone etc. So what do you buy her? I got her the headset for the x box, and a gift voucher to a clothing store she likes to shop at, so I have her gift sorted. It will be nice to go out for the day. Not sure if we’ll eat out or not, we might, we’ll see how it goes. My nephew has a birthday party to go to, so my sister will drop him off there before we hit the shops. Mom wants to also have my sister pick out a jeans and top which will be her gift from mom and dad this christmas. Mom bought me a lovely top with a red roses pattern on it. She also bought me some nice checky leggings, and she said she’ll get me a black dress top to go with those. Those are my main christmas gifts, but I am sure she’s gotten me a few surprises as well, she always does. Now that its the 1st of December, I am excited. The christmas atmosphere is all around, and, I love it.

Yay its Friday!

Any morning where I can wake up feeling good is a good one! I woke up this morning feeling fab!
I will be going into work later on. My supervisor is in Dublin today, but she texted me and said she’d email me on my call list. She wants me to go in at 2 Pm today. She said she’d have one of the other girls pick me up, but I told her if its easier I’ll just book a taxi. So we’ll see, but either way I am going in to work.
I also gave my mom 120 euro to get me some dollars at the post office. My spending money for colorado is steadily growing and I am delighted about that.
My sisters bringing the kids over at 10:30 this morning. They dont have school today because there is an election here and voting takes place in the schools. So mom is babysitting them while my sister goes to work.
I can tell today is going to be a great day! I just love it when days go like this!

Thankees to Sarah!

ar frend sarah sended us a suprise in tha mail!
i so so sited!
it a book! bout bein brave!
tha book is part of a series
we gots anothir book by tha sam author
we gots the one called in my heart
and now dis one bout being brave
and eileen gonna read it ta us
i gona email her to tell her we got a new book!
a new one fir her ta read!
it is so nise wen her can read ta us
i love it!
she lets us record her readin ta us too!
so now we gonna have her readin a new book!
yay yay!
so happy!
taylor six

So Irritated with amazon

So last night, I decided to go ahead and order a christmas present for my friend sarah’s littles. I went to my trusty amazon. But OMG trying to order it was a flipping nightmare! I tried and tried to input my friends mailing address. Amazon kept asking for me to sign in over and over, and when I did, I kept having to reenter the address, only for it not to actually be there afterwords!
It drove me freakin nuts! I got so frustrated!
Eventually the only thing I could do, and the only way it would let me order the gift, was to go on the webpage on my phone, enter in the info on there, and then I was able to place my order.
I did it eventually! The kids in sarah’s system are now going to be the proud owners of a stuffed ty elephant, named peanut that is royal blue in color!
They knew I was getting this for them, so its not a secret so its ok if I mention what I got them!
They’re calling it a thanksgiving elephant, lol! Thats because it will get to them in time for christmas and in time for thanksgiving!
Actually, it is going to get to them this Thursday!
Has anyone else had trouble on amazons site lately? I’m curious?

I gots ta tak icky medicins!

dis is lexi. i gots ta tak icky medicin, it makin us fel betta. i no lik it tho!
it tast lemony!
it bes bitter!
i wans fel beta but no like hav do dis!
bigs says i has to tho!
gess ar throt no sore now so thas good!
jus not likin tha medicins

lexi six


Answered prayers!

Well it looks as if my prayers were answered! There might not be any trick or treaters coming by tonight!

I was kinda hoping there wouldnt be! Its raining now so it looks like my prayers were answered!

I hate this night. I dont hate kids, and I want them to celebrate, but this is a hugely triggering night for me, and I wont open the door to anyone.

Not for any reason!

I just want to hibernate. I am staying put indoors. I am just chilling out with nitro. I feel like I just need to do what I can to get through tonight safely.

Me and the rest of my system are quite apprehensive about tonight, just because of the things we went through for many many years at the hands of our abusers.

We just want peace, if that means staying indoors, and hiding out, then so be it.