hi its me allie. im watching the voice kids on tv. i love it. i love hearing all the kids sing. its cool. darina is watching it with me. she says she wants to be on it. hahaha. shes so funny. i think shed go on it if she could. she adores singing and i think shed do a real good job if she was on that show.


Happy holiday to you sis

so my sisters off to spain today for two weeks. wish I was her, no, i really dont, as we already have very hot weather here, and if she would have known it was going to be so hot, she wouldnt have bothered going at all.
I keep telling her she has wasted her money. she said she’s going for the kids though, all their cousins on her partners side of the family are over there right now, and so she decided to bring her two as well.
she wont be home until the 18th. but the airline she’s flying with are on strike on the 12th, ryan air, so who knows, if the strike isnt resolved quicly, she may be there for longer than planned.
Our parents have her two pugs. So they are being spoiled.
I do hope she has a fabulous time there though. Its nice to get away from the normality of our daily lives too sometimes isnt it?


Alexas thought of the day

Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.



the book came. it came it came it came!
im sooo hapy!
it is mom looked at it. she said the pictures in it were cool.
i cant wait to bring it in to eileen on monday.
im going to make a recordin of her readin it to us.
that will be neat. it will be the third book shes read to us and that we’ve recorded her reading it.
im hapy hapy this morning. its a sunny day and the book came and it make me real happy.


ar new book

gess wat? ar new book is comin on monday
it was shipped today
it called where ever you are, my love will find you
i lik tha nam of it
i was soo hapy to get a notificaton that it was shiped today
that is so cool
ill be glad wen it here
i jus wish i culd see tha picturs in it
but its ok
eileen will tell me abowt them
wen she reads it
ill ask her to tell me
fanks to one of our blog frends
for the sugestion
i emailed eileen abowt the book
i culdnt wait to tell her its comin
taylor who is six


You cant see me so I’m not lying

My nephew is so funny. He’s five, and recently he’s starting to understand a little more about me not being able to see and he loves to tell me “you cant see me”.

Today we were sitting at the kitchen table. He was playing with a pen. He dropped it and went to pick it up off of the floor.

“I’ve dropped mom’s e cigarette, he said, knowing I’d probably get a little bit more excited than if he said he had dropped a pen on the floor.

He was right. I said very animatedly to my sister…he’s dropped your ecig. She then told me he had only had a pen in his hand and not her ecig, to which he then loudly announced to me, “you cant see me, and Im not lying”

Lol I had to burst out laughing. He’s so damn cute.

Beautiful weather

Its an absolutely gorgeous day today. The sun is shining so bright. Its around 22 degrees C. I love it.

I went outside, I didnt care about wasps, bees, or any other bugs, I just wanted to go out in it. So I did. Me and nitro went out and sat outside, played in the garden, and I read my book too.

Its so nice to just be able to sit outside. The kids are at mom and dads, my niece and nephew, and they are having a blast just playing outside, its so lovely to hear them playing.

Long may this beautiful sunshine last.