Let today be the day

Today’s Quote:
How would your life be different if… You stopped making negative judgmental assumptions about people you encounter? Let today be the day you look for the good in everyone you meet and respect their journey.
Steve Maraboli

On the train

I am writing this blog post from the train. We just pulled off about 20 mins ago. There is free wifi on bord. It was a breeze getting to the train station. I had a very nice taxi driver, who brought me in, and left me at the ticket office. Some nice people let me go ahead of them to get my ticket. Then one of the workers at the station brought me and Nitro on the train. So all is good. I’ve had my lunch and Nitro is fine. I’m going to sit back now, read, relax and maybe sleep a little. I should be in Dublin in 2.5 hours. Once I arrive I’ll get a taxi to my friends house.

Healing thought for Tuesday

Everyone who achieves success in a great venture solves each problem as they came. They helped themselves and they were helped through powers known and unknown to them at the time they set out on their voyage. They keep going regardless of the obstacles they meet.
W. Clement Stone

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Our path, a healing thought for tuesday

The path to our destination is not always a straight one. We go down the wrong road, we get lost, we turn back. Maybe it doesn’t matter which road we embark on. Maybe what matters is that we embark.
Barbara Hall

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Food and exercise log for wednesday

Ok well I was bad today, I did not eata dinner. But I will log what I did eat anyway. Just so that I can be accountible.

2 slices of wholewheat toast, mug of tea

omelette, with bacon, onion, mushrooms, and cheese in it.
glass of water

2 mandarins, a pear, grapes, blueberries, a slimming world hi fi bar, crackers

bedtime snack
two slices of toast
mug of tea

for exercise today I did 2 laps of the park and I also walked to the bus stop and back again.