Sunday self care day

I’ve decided that I’m gonna make sundays my self care day. Not that I cant do self care activities on other days, but well, I wanted to make one day where I can dedicate it to doing self care things, and sunday seemed like it would be a great day to do that.
So I started today. And here is what I did for self care today.
1. I slept in late this morning.
2. I ate healthily all day.
3. I took a nice long bubble bath. I can only do that when I am at my parents house, so its nice when I’m able to do it.
4. I started my new book, its called, wicked girl and is by jeanie doyle.
5. I listened to a nice podcast that really cheered me up.
6. I spent time chatting to my mom.
7. I am going to let the littles listen to a kids show later on a radio station that I like.
8. I relaxed this afternoon, and spent time just doing nothing. It was pure bliss.
9. I journaled today. That always makes me feel good.
10. I exercised on the treadmill for 30 minutes .