D-Verse poetics-A January winters day

Snow on the ground

On a dark January morning

The icy breeze

Cuts through me

Like a knife

I bundle up

In a hat, scarf and gloves

Brave the icy morning air

To take my dog for a walk

As we return from our morning stroll

Snowflakes land on our noses

I take off my dog’s lead

And watch him frolic in the snow.

Snow crunching under my feet

I join in the fun

After a half hour of playing in the snow

We’re both ready to go back indoors

For a nice warm mug of hot chocolate

Now in out of the cold

I shut the wintery day outside

I will watch winter from afar

From the safety of my recliner

Where I now sit reading a good book.

Poetics: The Blizzard of the Self | dVerse (dversepoets.com)