#5 things-5 favourite jams and preserves!

Tanya is our host for the #5-things challenge! This week she has asked us to list 5 of our favourite jams and preserves! Go check out her post here!

1. Marmalade…I love the kind thats smooth, with no orange peel in it! I love Marmalade on toast!
2. Strawberry jam…Mmmm! It tastes so delicious! Especially on a slice of bread!
3. Raspberry jam…So refreshing! I enjoy this on a summers day!
4. Apricot jam…another summer jam! I love it! It tastes spectacular!
5. Strawberry and rhubarb preserve! Again I love both strawberry and rhubarb so I really like this preserve too and the mix of the two flavours is really nice also!

What about you, what are your favourite preserves?