WP problems!

Is anyone not able to access wordpress? I am having problems logging in. I was logged in and I tried to comment on a post. I couldnt. It wouldnt let me said it was connecting to wordpress but never went any further than that. Then I logged out and now I cant log back in. Ug sigh!
Is anyone else having issues this evening afternoon?

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techy stuff

so I’m having techy issues and its making me crazy.
I’m trying to change my email client to windows live mail. I had to read all of my email accounts, yes, I have more than one, in fact I have about 6.
I did that. now its downloading all of the messages from the accounts, its taking a while though and I am on limited data.
I hope all of my data doesn’t get used up.
I like computers and enjoy working with them but I hate having tech issues.


so i’m very frustrated. one of the staff here has brought issues about nitro to the head boss. and this morning when his trainer was here she had to listen to the his boss going on about nitro and these issues. and then i had to hear about it from her, but my thing is, why didnt the staff come to me? basically the staff wanted to take him out last thing at night, they offered, i let them, and now they are saying he wont come back to them, and its this huge issue. makes me so mad. also they were giving out about his sleeping on the couch, which he hasnt been doing this week, because i stopped him from doing it. the staff member was also giving out about other things, so annoying. it irks me. i’ll be definitely bringing it up this afternoon at my weekly review. i’ll be saying that if staff have issues they need to bring them to me and not claire the boss. thats the sensible thing to do.