We moved up to level 3

Our government decided not to put our country into a complete lockdown, thank god!
Instead we’ve moved from level 2 to level 3. There is still a chance that we could go up again to a higher level, if the case numbers dont come down.
Right now they are very high in ireland. Tonight we had over 550 cases in ireland, and over 50 new cases here in cork where I live. Over the last month we’ve had over 4000 new cases. When you consider that ireland only has a population of 5 million, its a high number of cases.
Anyway. What will being on level 3 mean for us?
Well, it means pubs and restaurants have to shut, unless they are doing take away food. It means gatherings both indoor and outdoor are limited, with indoor being limited to just people from one other household being able to come to your house, I am not sure how many can gather outdoors. Childcare facilities and school are staying open, but now the teachers unions are saying its not safe for the teachers to be teaching classes where there might be 20 or 30 kids at any given time.
We are not allowed to travel outside our own county now either. We can only go a short distance from home when we are exercising, and all workers who can work from home are being asked to do so. Essential workers can still go to work, like my PA, nurses and doctors, etc. can all still go to work, but the majority of people will be forced to work from home.
It is hard, and I feel kinda depressed, thinking about it, and about going forward and what will happen over the next few months if our case numbers dont drop. I fear we are facing a very long winter, and a very isolated and lonely winter at that. What is this going to do to peoples mental health? I think there will be a lot more loneliness and isolation, a lot more people being diagnosed with mental health issues, and it just wont be good.
I know why this has to happen, but I wish it wasnt the way it has to be.