Gripe of the morning!

I’m so annoyed!
My recycling bin was collected this morning, and the guy who collected it left it way down the road after emptying it. I mean he should have put it back where he found it, but no, instead he put it far away from my house, it was so far down the street that we thought someone had taken the bin.
Luckily Frances was here, so she was able to walk down the street to see where it was. If she hadnt had been here, I dont know what I’d have done, as there is no way I would have been able to find it on my own.
I rang the country clean service and complained, I was so livid, the girl I spoke to was very nice, she said she’d leave a note on my account to tell future drivers that they should put the bin back where they found it.
She also said she’d send me out some stickers to place on my bin, that actually say to put it back where you find it.
So i’m hoping this sorta thing wont happen again in the future, fingers crossed!